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11 pandemics that changed the course of human history, from the Black Death to HIV/AIDS — to (maybe) coronavirus

Pandemics have afflicted civilizations throughout human history, with the earliest known outbreak occurring in 430 BC during the Peloponnesian War.Many of these pandemics have had significant impacts on human society,

Show Me the Evidence

A Twitter follower wrote me this: “hospital making me use ‘safety scalpel’ w/retractable sheath. I’ve almost cut myself x 2. Do you know of any data about it?” I got

Patient safety and retained surgical items

In 2015, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute recognized 15 “never events” for hospital care in Canada, meaning that their rate of acceptable occurrence is zero. The criteria to determine a

Trash or recycle? Here is how to properly dispose of medical sharps

WISCONSIN — In 2019, almost 40 percent of Wisconsin’s recycling facilities reported that sharps were the top contaminant in the recycling stream. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is reminding

Extending Sharps Safety Beyond Hospitals

Drug delivery device designers must consider patient capability in home environments rather than the typical devices engineered for healthcare professionals. Needlestick injuries have fallen 30% since implementation of the U.S.

The ‘London Patient,’ Cured of HIV, Reveals His Identity

A year after the “London Patient” was introduced to the world as only the second person to be cured of H.I.V., he is stepping out of the shadows to reveal