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Needlestick & Sharps Injuries
SIA Introduces the First and Only Assault and Needlestick Insurance Policy Designed for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals
LMA MAD Nasal -Needle-free intranasal drug delivery device
A unique design of LMA MAD Nasal™ enables a seal to be formed with the nostril and atomized particles of medication to be delivered to the nasal mucosa.
Reduce Splashes, Increase Infection Prevention
Slips, trips, falls and sharps are widely recognized as potential occupational risks in the healthcare industry. However, there is another dangerous hazard that often goes unnoticed and underreported—splashes.
VanishPoint® Blood Collection Set
The VanishPoint® Blood Collection Set, from Retractable Technologies, Inc., features automated in-vein retraction that effectively reduces the risk of needlestick injuries and blood exposure.  The safety mechanism is activated by depressing a retraction trigger that is located near the finger-grip area.  This allows for easy one-handed activation, without changes in hand position, while reducing the risk of inadvertent activation.  The needle is retracted directly from the patient, virtually eliminating exposure to the contaminated needle.
Unregistered dentist charged for potential hepatitis, HIV infections
Muhammet Velipasaoglu has been charged over allegedly treating patients out of a home in Rocklands Rise, Meadow Heights from as long ago as 2003.
Safety Syringes for Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block
These new syringes help to prevent needlestick injury during inferior alveolar nerve block. For traditional anatomical administration, practitioners palpate the ...
A new sensor can help in detecting cancer and HIV
County backs drug for HIV prevention, but health officials have concerns
CDC: Sexual behaviors associated with frequency of HIV testing
Almost 10 percent of HIV-positive women report forced sterilisation – study
NACA dismisses report on HIV/AIDS accounting for 59.3% of female deaths
L.A. County Will Be Giving Out HIV-Prevention Drug Truvada
Warning HIV Outbreak Sign Appears on Indiana Highway
SampLok Adapter Cap
One product that is used to fill blood culture bottles with blood sample is the 
SampLok® Adapter Cap from ITL Corporation. It is a versatile device for safe blood sample collection and sample transfer into blood culture bottles and test tubes. With an integrated safety lid, the SampLok 
Adapter Cap provides safety to healthcare workers by reducing the risk of needle stick injury. The SampLok Adapter Cap’s flexible design allows sampling with a variety of culture bottles and vacuum test tubes.
Hepatitis C cases among young people in Central Appalachia up 364% from 2006-2012
Hepatitis C outbreak: 11% of 400 samples test positive in Sagaam
Local woman sues Anthem Blue Cross for denying Hepatitis C drug
Hepatitis C: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
Doctor offers tips for West Nile virus protection
First West Nile virus case reported in Kansas
West Nile Virus Case Reported in Lincoln Co.
Dangers of West Nile Virus
Officials caution to protect against mosquito bites
Addiction Is Preventable
Alcohol use, binge drinking continues to fall among underage, report finds
Penn State Drug Abuse Conference Teaches Pennsylvania Teens to Be Leaders
Discussion focuses on prevention of underage drinking, substance abuse
Alabama launches 'Zero Addiction' campaign to fight opioid abuse, heroin
What you need to know about the hepatitis C epidemic
Hepatitis C is spreading throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia. It's being called an epidemic, and health officials say it's increased at a rate of 364 percent in those four states.
Sierra Leone News: Ebola Quarantine: New ideas needed now!
Liberia still cautious after Ebola-free declaration
Ebola Stigma Keeps Many from Work in Liberia
Ebola could affect the Dormaa Municipality - Official
4 lessons from Ebola wars
How close is the Ebola vaccine?
Ebola: Owning the Fight in Kambia
4 lessons from Ebola wars
Last year's Ebola outbreak, the worst in history, claimed more than 11,000 lives and tested the world's ability to contain a killer in some of West Africa's most impoverished countries. While the virus has slowed to a trickle of new cases — 25 in Guinea and Sierra Leone in the last week of May, and none in Liberia — few people would credit quick action or smart preparation.  Most institutions and individuals leading the fight proved slow, panicky, overconfident, underfunded or inept. In some ways, in fact, the world was fortunate that Ebola is hard to transmit without contact with bodily fluids; that the symptoms of victims, once they're contagious, are easy to spot; and that the virus did not strike a hub for international travel. A study released Tuesday also found that, contrary to early fears, this Ebola strain was not more virulent than prior strains.
Punctur-Guard Wing Sets
We've adapted our internal blunting technology to the Punctur-Guard Safety Winged Set! This allows the needle to be blunted while still inside the patient's vein, protecting the vessel and eliminating exposure during needle withdrawal.
The one-handed activation technique allows for undistracted care to be given to the venipuncture site at all times. Available in 19G, 21G, 23G, and 25G - Please see the product brochure for full ordering information.
The PenBlade Safety Scalpel has a retractable blade that activates like a click pen and retracts with a simple press of a button.  The "Pen-Style" activation is intuitive because it uses existing muscle memory.  The release button is positioned near the front of the scalpel where it can be pressed without looking or repositioning the hand. The result is a safety scalpel that doctors and nurses actually like using.
  • No-look, penlike activation
  • Uses existing muscle memory
  • Push-and-release retraction button at the front
  • Blade retraction without repositioning the hand
  • Optional semi-passive retraction
  • Suture trimming with blade retracted
  • Encourages user to end procedure with blade in the safe position
  • Rigid construction
  • Usable with right or left hand
  • Engineered for comfort and control
A re-useable device for the quick, simple and safe retrieval of sharps that have been inadvertently dropped onto the operating theatre floor.
Magnetic Retriever
  • Strong magnetic rollers ensure safe, ‘hands free’ sharps retrieval
  • Robust design ensures a highly cost effective, long lasting device
  • Long handle enables retrieval whilst standing
Controlling liquid infectious waste continues to present multiple challenges. As regulations tighten and operating costs rise, it’s important to find a safe, 
cost-effective solution that’s affordable and provides minimal environmental impact.  The QUICK-DRAIN™ Systems from Bemis simply and effectively address your challenges, from staff safety to regulatory compliance to cost-effective disposal of liquid infectious waste.
When Jose, a CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer (“disease detective”), arrived in Liberia in October 2014, he was supposed to help with hospital infection prevention and control.  CDC Disease Detective Relishes Field Work in Ebola Response CDC disease detective Chris Edens working on a dialysis investigation.
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Packaging your drug in a prefillable syringe with a safety feature will provide protection for health care workers and patients against accidental needlestick injuries. The NovaGuard SA (Staked-needle Automatic) syringe system can be deployed using a single-handed technique to shield the exposed needle.

System Benefits
·        Mitigates glass flange breakage
·        Bulk packaging enables automated assembly
·        Designed to prevent pre-activation
·        Uses standard plunger rods
·        Tamper resistant

To learn more about using the NovaGuard SA syringe system for your drug product, or for information on any of West’s injectable drug packaging or delivery system technologies, click here.

*For investigational use only by our pharmaceutical and biotechnology development partners. West markets the NovaGuard SA technology as an integrated system. Final assembly is completed by the pharmaceutical company.
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