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Needlestick & Sharps Injuries
Vial Adaptors for Reconstitution Drug Market: Reduced Risk of Needlestick Injuries Ups Demand
Diabetes Injection Pens Market: Concerns Over Needlestick Injuries Spurring Uptake
Tackling rise of fentanyl-related deaths
SXSW research video
Needlestick injury
Knox deputy taking vaccinations after needle stick during arrest
During Spears's arrest, Deputy Chad Wagner was stuck with a syringe from Spears's pocket.  Deputy Claude Hudson told WYMT, "(Wagner) asked (Spears) several times, 'Do you have a needle? Do you have a needle? He said, 'No.'"  While searching, Deputy Wagner was stuck by the needle that was uncapped, outside of Spears' pocket.
Punctur-Guard Blood Collection Needle
The Punctur-Guard Blood Collection Needle is designed to work with any standard blood collection tube holder on the market and offers a unique internal blunting technology that is integral to the needle itself. This device blunts while inside the patient's vein, eliminating exposure to the sharp upon needle exit. In a study performed by Morbidity and Mortality Weekly, the Punctur-Guard Blood Collection Needle reduced needle sticks by 76%; the highest rate of any device studied!
UNAIDS warns that countries will miss the 2020 target of reducing HIV-associated TB deaths by 75% unless urgent action is taken
The new HIV and AIDS Bill will work to reduce stigma and discrimination
Charlie Sheen says other Hollywood stars are living with HIV
Charlie Sheen says other Hollywood stars are HIV positive: 'I know who they are'
Women’s History Month: Defending A Woman’s Right To Live HIV/AIDS-Free In America
HIV lesions: Pictures and treatments
Welsh report says HIV prevention drug 'highly effective'
Central Texas nurse accused of infecting patient with Hepatitis C in 2015
Hepatitis B vaccination for newborns resumes
South Jersey hospital opens hepatitis C clinic
Drug used to treat hepatitis can also cut the Ebola death rate, study
Hepatitis C Cures Lag While New Drugs Wait in the Wings
New Hepatitis C Drugs Might Eliminate the Disease
Will new hepatitis C treatments eliminate the virus for good?
Guild Of Medical Doctors Declare ‘War’ On Hepatitis In Nigeria
He said there is an estimate of about 20 million Nigerians living with viral hepatitis, which  is a rough estimate and it could be more or less.  “Some people know they have contracted the virus. However, the vast majority are silent sufferers who do not know they have the disease.”
VanishPoint® Blood Collection Set
The VanishPoint® Blood Collection Set, from Retractable Technologies, Inc., features automated in-vein retraction that effectively reduces the risk of needlestick injuries and blood exposure.  The safety mechanism is activated by depressing a retraction trigger that is located near the finger-grip area.  This allows for easy one-handed activation, without changes in hand position, while reducing the risk of inadvertent activation.  The needle is retracted directly from the patient, virtually eliminating exposure to the contaminated needle.
West Nile Virus
Man who died with West Nile in his system identified
North Texas Gears Up For An Early Mosquito Season
West Nile a personal issue for one council candidate
West Hills pastor dies from West Nile virus; community honors him
Are West Nile virus cases really down in California?
Computer model predicts West Nile virus outbreaks
86 people diagnosed with Zika in San Diego
ODH: Avoiding Zika virus on Spring Break
Seven months after Rio Olympics, Zika continues to plague babies in urban slums
Zika Babies ‘Severely Disabled’ Through Life, UCSD Study Finds
Zika mosquito genome mapped – at last
Testing for Zika virus: There's an app for that
Studies show that as many as one-third of all sharps injuries occur during disposal. Nurses are particularly at risk, as they sustain the most needlestick injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 62 to 88 percent of sharps injuries can be prevented simply by using safer medical devices. The following references provide information regarding possible solutions for bloodborne pathogens and needlestick hazards.
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Hospital administrators rarely say nice things when faced with an OSHA health safety inspection. OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA.gov) mission is to protect workers from occupational hazards. Hospitals can be dangerous places to work with many potential sources of injury. OSHA’s mission does not extend to patients or visitors, although these groups may benefit from protective measures put in place for healthcare workers.
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The VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS Blood Collection Needle with optical venipuncture control is a great help for phlebotomy personnel. The latest innovation from Greiner Bio-One at last brings vision to blood collection. When venipuncture has been carried out successfully, blood flow is visible in the view window in the transparent plastic hub of the needle.

The VISIO PLUS also has advantages for the patient. Movement in the vein during penetration whilst searching for the vein lumen is sometimes painful for the patient: Due to the visible blood flow in the view window, this movement is avoided. The special cut of the needle tip makes penetration of the tissue a lot easier. The new VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS needle thus guarantees pain-free, stress-free venipuncture.

“The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has gone with a nasal spray and that's to decrease the risk of a needle stick injury,” says Burke.
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“There's less risk of a needlestick injury … and it's a little less intimidating for the layperson, so people will be more willing to (use it).” 
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The Qlicksmart CheckCLIP is a medication labe
lling device which allows clinicians to draw up the drug with both the syringe and ampoule remaining in their hands at all times, which reduces the risk of both syringe swap and ampoule swap errors. The CheckCLIP is simple and quick to use, enabling a clear visual cross-checking of the medication details without obstructing the incremental dosage markings on the syringe. This significantly improves the tracking and identification of medications, and assists in compliance of the Five Rights of medication administration. Healthcare workers around the world have already embraced this highly-effective and cost-savings safety solution. 
A nurse in a Texas hospital mistakenly believed saline flush prefilled syringes could be reused in separate patients' intravenous lines, which led to a hepatitis C transmission in 2015, according to a CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report released Friday.
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Qlicksmart BladeFLASK is the world’s pioneering single-handed blade remover to prevent injuries from removing scalpel blades.  BladeFLASK is simple to use with a quick “push, click, and pull” action to remove and contain used scalpel blades. Used together with a hands-free passing technique, BladeFLASK can prevent up to 5 times more injuries than a safety scalpel. This easy-to-use solution provides a low cost alternative to safety scalpels for all scalpel users. Qlicksmart’s single-handed BladeFLASKs have safely removed over 70 million contaminated scalpel blades, and have prevented up to 150,000 injuries around the world. 
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Packaging your drug in a prefillable syringe with a safety feature will provide protection for health care workers and patients against accidental needlestick injuries. The NovaGuard SA (Staked-needle Automatic) syringe system can be deployed using a single-handed technique to shield the exposed needle.

System Benefits
·        Mitigates glass flange breakage
·        Bulk packaging enables automated assembly
·        Designed to prevent pre-activation
·        Uses standard plunger rods
·        Tamper resistant

To learn more about using the NovaGuard SA syringe system for your drug product, or for information on any of West’s injectable drug packaging or delivery system technologies, click here.

*For investigational use only by our pharmaceutical and biotechnology development partners. West markets the NovaGuard SA technology as an integrated system. Final assembly is completed by the pharmaceutical company.
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