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Needlestick & Sharps Injuries
Police, sheriff's office need to get behind Ogden's needle exchange program
Parents alarmed over syringes left at Woonona park
A Call to Safety: Why Current Safety Devices Are Not Solving the Needlestick Issue
Greiner Bio-One Products for Safe and Accurate Blood Collection
It is important for laboratories to choose blood collection sets that are compatible with existing phlebotomy practices. Greiner Bio-One products are a widely recommended option for safe and accurate blood collection procedures. This manufacturer offers a comprehensive range of vacuum blood collection tubes including clotting tubes, serum and EDTA tubes to various specialized products. These products make routine tasks carried out at clinics, laboratories or in doctors’ practices much easier and importantly, safer.
California | One and Only Campaign
Injection Safety, Safe needle practices, and safe injection procedures are all vital to preventing hepatitis outbreaks.
Nevada police issue warning after hypodermic needles found in candy containers
Police in Nevada are warning parents and children to be careful when handling discarded plastic candy containers found in parks and on sidewalks.Nevada Public Safety Director Ricardo Martinez said police were called to two incidents late last week in which disarded hypodermic needles have been found in discarded candy containers. Hypodermic needles are commonly used for drug activity, Martinez said in a news release.“In an abundance of caution we felt parents should know about these
Safety: Inside Our Sharps Safety Success
We slashed percutaneous injuries in our ORs by more than one-third.
Two years ago, OR team members across our health system were stuck or cut 276 times, which was 276 more times more than we'd have liked. We implemented a safety program that reduced sharps injuries by 37%. Here's how we pulled it off.
Public Warned About Needles in Mass. River
The Methuen-based Clean River Project found hundreds of syringes floating down the Merrimack River last year
The Changing Impact of Low PPE and Safety Device Use and Compliance in the OR
The quality and vitality of the operating room is often a balance between managing patients known or suspected with infectious disease and managing
Punctur-Guard Blood Collection Needle
The Punctur-Guard Blood Collection Needle is designed to work with any standard blood collection tube holder on the market and offers a unique internal blunting technology that is integral to the needle itself. This device blunts while inside the patient's vein, eliminating exposure to the sharp upon needle exit. In a study performed by Morbidity and Mortality Weekly, the Punctur-Guard Blood Collection Needle reduced needle sticks by 76%; the highest rate of any device studied!
Palma calls for reflection on rising HIV cases in jails
NIH awards $1.5 million grant to research oral complications of HIV
HIV Test Window Periods!! If You See These 13 Symptoms, Do An HIV Test Immediately…
Young Folks: Growing Up With HIV
The Black Church & HIV Initiative Launches Newly Updated Pastoral Resources for Faith Leaders, Empowering Them to Incorporate HIV into Ministry
Big Differences in HIV Testing Between State, Local STD Clinics
Financial math models may help build a better HIV vaccine
FDA approves two Hepatitis C drugs for use with children over 12
Veterans learn about Hepatitis C in town hall meeting
Two hepatitis A deaths reported; Virus on the rise in San Diego
Can Energy Drinks Cause Hepatitis?
Hepatitis C Fatigue - What's that all about?
Hepatitis A Confirmed in Two Cup & Saucer Café Workers, Multnomah County Health Officials say
Crusade against West Nile virus to continue
Zika virus may pose increased risk to people previously infected with dengue and West Nile, study finds
York County officials ready for 'West Nile Virus' season
Woman's battle with West Nile a prevention reminder
Prior exposure to dengue or West Nile could make Zika worse: report
West Nile Watchout
VanishPoint® Blood Collection Set
The VanishPoint® Blood Collection Set, from Retractable Technologies, Inc., features automated in-vein retraction that effectively reduces the risk of needlestick injuries and blood exposure.  The safety mechanism is activated by depressing a retraction trigger that is located near the finger-grip area.  This allows for easy one-handed activation, without changes in hand position, while reducing the risk of inadvertent activation.  The needle is retracted directly from the patient, virtually eliminating exposure to the contaminated needle.
Health department urges pregnant women, symptomatic individuals to get tested for Zika
U.S. Blood Supply Safe From Zika Virus: Officials
Texas updates Zika testing recommendations for Rio Grande Valley
Morning Rounds: Zika and pregnancy in the U.S.
Zika Risk in Texas Rises with Temperatures
CDC releases data on birth defects related to the Zika virus
Texas prepares for more local transmission of the Zika virus
Report says cost of Zika estimated at up to $18 billion
Zika Virus
Of the 250 pregnant women who had confirmed Zika infection in 2016, 24 – or about 1 in 10 of them – had a fetus or baby with Zika-related birth defects,
The Journal of the Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare (AOHP) recently published in its Winter 2017 edition the results of its member survey which ascertained the most effective strategies to reduce sharps injuries and mucocutaneous blood exposures (BE) among their hospital staff.
AOHP's EXPO-S.T.O.P. (EXPOsure Survey of Trends in Occupational Practice) was established as a nationally representative blood exposure database and benchmark resource and has completed its fifth consecutive annual survey. A 22-item electronic survey for 2015 calendar year data was developed and distributed to AOHP members nationally and 181 hospitals responded with data suitable for inclusion.
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Instructions for use (IFU) for the Anzen™ safety scalpel from MediPurpose™.
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The Zip® is unique solution to the speed vs. cosmetic outcome tradeoff made by surgeons today with conventional staples and sutures.  The adjustable, reversible device makes skin closure a fast and easy process, and the flexible, extendible design flexes with patient movement for patient comfort while protecting the incision from extrinsic forces caused by patient movement.
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Sheriff is reporting an increased number of syringes and needles, presumably from drug users, being found in area. 
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When was the last time the use of safer sharps was evaluated at your facility? 
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The VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS Blood Collection Needle with optical venipuncture control is a great help for phlebotomy personnel. The latest innovation from Greiner Bio-One at last brings vision to blood collection. When venipuncture has been carried out successfully, blood flow is visible in the view window in the transparent plastic hub of the needle.

The VISIO PLUS also has advantages for the patient. Movement in the vein during penetration whilst searching for the vein lumen is sometimes painful for the patient: Due to the visible blood flow in the view window, this movement is avoided. The special cut of the needle tip makes penetration of the tissue a lot easier. The new VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS needle thus guarantees pain-free, stress-free venipuncture.

The Qlicksmart CheckCLIP is a medication labe
lling device which allows clinicians to draw up the drug with both the syringe and ampoule remaining in their hands at all times, which reduces the risk of both syringe swap and ampoule swap errors. The CheckCLIP is simple and quick to use, enabling a clear visual cross-checking of the medication details without obstructing the incremental dosage markings on the syringe. This significantly improves the tracking and identification of medications, and assists in compliance of the Five Rights of medication administration. Healthcare workers around the world have already embraced this highly-effective and cost-savings safety solution. 
3,800 new cases of HIV infections have been recorded in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps in the state between January to March 2017.   Malam Barkindo Saidu, the Executive Secretary, Borno Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS (BOSACA) who disclosed this in Maiduguri on Wednesday, said that the new cases were recorded after voluntary screening in 15 IDPs camps in the state.  He said that currently 2.4 per cent of the population of the state or about 108,000 persons are living with HIV and AIDS, going by the demographic survey provided by the National Population Commission.
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A new disposable syringe with an integrated cone-shaped tip can completely extract costly medicines from rubber stopper vials and deliver them to patients effectively.
The QD Syringe Systems Quick Draw (QD) Syringe is a based on a solid polycarbonate dual-channel, draw-down tip which completely draws all medication out of a vial. An extended rubber nipple tip eliminates the dead space within the syringe, along with the proprietary GlyFlo Tip that reduces the dead space to only 18 microliters. Once medication is drawn into the QD Syringe, a custom hub with a sharp steel needle is placed over the draw tip, ensuring the sharpest needle possible when giving a patient an injection.
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Qlicksmart BladeFLASK is the world’s pioneering single-handed blade remover to prevent injuries from removing scalpel blades.  BladeFLASK is simple to use with a quick “push, click, and pull” action to remove and contain used scalpel blades. Used together with a hands-free passing technique, BladeFLASK can prevent up to 5 times more injuries than a safety scalpel. This easy-to-use solution provides a low cost alternative to safety scalpels for all scalpel users. Qlicksmart’s single-handed BladeFLASKs have safely removed over 70 million contaminated scalpel blades, and have prevented up to 150,000 injuries around the world. 
UPDATED] Mylan pharmaceutical company has a virtual monopoly on EpiPens after a voluntary recall felled their only competitor*, Sanofi’s Auvi-Q, over possible dosage miscalibrations. It’s not the drug being delivered that brings the bucks, though—epinephrine’s a cheap generic. The cost trickery is in the delivery system, the Mylan EpiPen.
The EpiPen’s been around since 1977, but Mylan acquired the autoinjector—which precisely calibrates the epinephrine dosage—in 2007. The patient now pays about 400% more for this advantage to receive a dollar’s worth of the lifesaving drug: EpiPens were about $57 when Mylan acquired it. Today, it can empty pockets of $500 or more in the U.S. (European nations take a different approach to these things).
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  • Blood Collection Tubes – The innovative VACUETTE® blood collection tubes are made of virtually unbreakable PET plastic. They can meet the requirements of routine laboratories as well as specialized laboratories. These tubes promote sterile and safe blood collection. All tubes come with a safety cap. The caps of the tubes are colored in accordance with internationally recommended color codes. The tubes have the CE mark and most are FDA approved.
  • Blood Collection Needles – Exclusively for single-use, these needles are predominantly used in routine blood collection. An audible “click” indicates that the safety lock has been activated while the needle is still in the vein. The color of the needle protective cap simplifies visual recognition of the individual needle gauges. VISIO PLUS Needle with optical venipuncture control simplifies blood collection routine for phlebotomists.
  • Blood Collection Sets – Safety Blood Collection Sets are available in three versions – with Luer Adapter, without Luer Adapter and Holder and with Blood Culture Holder. The sets differ in terms of tubing lengths and needle gauges. Standard Tube Holder can be used with either VACUETTE® Multiple Use Drawing Needles or VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS Needles, as these components are designed for optimal compatibility with one another.
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Please click on any ISIPS member below to view their sharps safety products!
Packaging your drug in a prefillable syringe with a safety feature will provide protection for health care workers and patients against accidental needlestick injuries. The NovaGuard SA (Staked-needle Automatic) syringe system can be deployed using a single-handed technique to shield the exposed needle.

System Benefits
·        Mitigates glass flange breakage
·        Bulk packaging enables automated assembly
·        Designed to prevent pre-activation
·        Uses standard plunger rods
·        Tamper resistant

To learn more about using the NovaGuard SA syringe system for your drug product, or for information on any of West’s injectable drug packaging or delivery system technologies, click here.

*For investigational use only by our pharmaceutical and biotechnology development partners. West markets the NovaGuard SA technology as an integrated system. Final assembly is completed by the pharmaceutical company.
West and the diamond logo and NovaGuard™ are trademarks or registered s of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions.
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