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Needlestick & Sharps Injuries
Global Integrated Safety Syringes Market - Industry Analysis, Size, Share ... - SBWire (press release)
Which would you rather have: The flu shot or the flu? - LaSalle News Tribune
Six-year-old boy jagged with needle on Dundee bus - The Courier
SA offenders face new blood test law - The Australian
Sharps Safety: Taking the 'Unfinished Agenda' to Completion - Infection Control Today
Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc. awarded Healthtrust Purchasing Trust ... - PR Urgent (press release)
Kawasumi Laboratories America Awarded Healthtrust Purchasing Trust Safety ... - Newswire Today (press release)
Vigmed: Vigmed granted utility patent in China for its first needlestick ... - The Swedish Wire
Belgium launches robust national HIV plan - UNAIDS (press release)
Immune Protein Found to Block HIV Spread in Some - WebMD
In Russia, New HIV Strain Spreading Rapidly - Forbes
Hillary Clinton Honored for Her Work on HIV/AIDS - ABC News
HIV specimens 'inconclusive' to be linked to Tulsa dentist
The Oklahoma State Department of Health and Tulsa Health Department says HIV specimens cannot be linked to a Tulsa dentist.
Eastern Europe facing quadruple epidemic while governments do nothing, warns UN Special Envoy
Eastern Europe is facing quadruple, intersecting epidemics of injecting drug use, HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and hepatitis C
What is hepatitis? Dangerous infections a worldwide health threat - Chicago Tribune (blog)
A New Era is Dawning in Hepatitis C Therapy - Motley Fool
State: Hepatitis scare contained - KeepMEcurrent.com
Hepatitis C Trust says strategy urgent as related liver disease on the rise - The Guardian
Deadly Hawaii Hepatitis Outbreak Possibly Tied to Supplements - ABC News (blog)
Offenders face forced blood tests to protect police
ANY offender whose blood or saliva comes into contact with a police officer will be compelled to undergo a mandatory blood test, under new laws to be introduced by the State Government.  Premier Jay Weatherill will today outline the measure - and another significant community safety initiative involving police - at the Police Association of SA annual delegates conference.
First case of West Nile virus in Alachua County confirmed - The Independent Florida Alligator
West Nile Virus Jackson County - wmbb
North Fla. Man Diagnosed With West Nile Virus - WCTV
Valley musician Denny King fights for his life after getting West Nile Virus - ABC15.com (KNXV-TV)
City lifts outdoor activity ban after easing of West Nile Virus threat - Eagle-Tribune
Alachua County man diagnosed with West Nile virus - Gainesville Sun
Pinal County case of West Nile virus confirmed - azcentral
West Nile Survivor Says Misdiagnosis Is Common - CBS 11
Dallas County Confirms 10th Human Case Of West Nile Virus - CBS 11
Hepatitis warning over tattoos and body piercing
Londoners who have tattoos or body piercings done at unlicensed premises were warned today they were putting themselves at risk of a potentially fatal liver disease.
HIV positive woman arrested for breastfeeding neighbour’s baby
A Zimbabwean woman who breastfed a neighbour’s baby without her consent faces a possible two-year sentence for deliberately infecting another person with HIV after she tested positive.
We would appreciate one minute of your time to provide your thoughts on safety medical devices.  It will assist in gathering some informaton for an upcoming webinar and article.
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PROLANCE single-use safety lancets have been designed for modern capillary blood sampling and the device is an integral component to sharps-injury prevention programs in hospitals, clinics and wherever patients and professionals have to feel safe.

PROLANCE is available in six different color-coded product versions to meet specific blood sample application and address the variety of patient skin type

 China's Commerce Ministry has begun to backtrack on a proposal to ban HIV-infected people from the country's public bathhouses after the plan was criticized by government health experts as unnecessary and discriminatory.
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The SharpSentinel™ Wall Cabinet System secure sharps containers in a sturdy locked enclosure. SharpSentinel™ wall cabinets are perfect for use in patient rooms, exam rooms, physician and dentist offices, and any other areas where staff supervision is limited. Designed to protect staff from accidental needlesticks, this new system complies with all OSHA, NIOSH, CDC, and JCAHO requirements.
The K-Shield Advantage Port Access Infusion Needle has the following features:
  • One step activation – simple, safe and easy to use for clinicians.
  • Tactile and audible click upon safety activation – assures you that the needle is safely secured.
  • Low profile and small body size – making dressing simple and device less visible under patient’s clothing.
  • Small transparent skin plate – allows a clear view of the infusion site.
  • Non-coring siliconized needle – minimizes drag on the skin during access and de-access.
  • Non-DEHP fluipd path – offers a safe, DEHP-free fluid path.
  • Latex free – for patients, practitioners and end-users
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Please click on any ISIPS member below to view their sharps safety products!
Qlicksmart  BladeNeedleSYSTEM provides a simply safer way to remove and contain used scalpel blades and suture needles in sterile operating environments. BladeNeedleSYSTEM replaces the two-handed built-in blade remover of the existing needle counters with the world-first single-handed scalpel blade remover, which works perfectly safe.
Sharps injuries are a serious occupational hazard in healthcare settings. In operating rooms, scalpe
l blade injuries are the second most common type of sharps injuries, second only to suture needles. Use of a needle counter for safe containment of needles can minimize the riskof needle injury in the sterile field. However, built-in blade removers in existing needle counters are not safe, as they require two-handed activation and frequently malfunction. The sterile BladeNeedleSYSTEM enables single-handed removal and containment of used scalpel blades for safe disposal immediately after use, reducing the risk of scalpel injuries.
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