April 9, 2018
ISIPS is excited to announce our collaboration with MedPRO Disposal.  For almost 17 years, ISIPS has promoted products and services that help reduce the exposure to sharps injuries and bloodborne pathogen exposure to healthcare workers and others.  ISIPS is excited that MedPro is willing to partner with ISIPS to help provide safer healthcare facilities, businesses and homes.  In fact, MedPro has offered to provide the first 2 months of service free to any ISIPS member who receives the ISIPS Newsletter.  MedPro offers customized medical waste disposal services for every business, large to small, and will work with you to create a pick-up service plan to fit your waste disposal needs.
MedPro will work with your healthcare facility, business or family to determine the type of waste containers needed for your specific requirements and will work out a customized pick-up schedule.   MedPro can also assist you in educating your staff on ways to make OSHA compliance a simple and hassle-free part of business life.
Like most families, our extended family has medical requirements that require the disposal of medical waste.   In our extended family we have Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Hemophilia disorders.  This requires the use of diagnostic and therapeutic sharps.  It is important to protect family, pets and waste handlers from contaminated sharps.  My family has depended on sharps disposal systems where they can drop lancets, needles and other sharps safely away protecting others from accidental needlesticks.    It is great to be able to put the sharps disposal system into the mail, knowing that the the contaminated sharps are being disposed of properly.