March 18, 2015
(Wednesday 18th March 2015)
Representatives, Senators and Distinguished Guests
My name is Michael Sinnott and I have been practicing full-time clinical medicine for the last 30 plus years and during that time formed a number of beliefs.
In fact, I am here today because of my belief in a number of issues
·       I believe that Staff Safety is important
·       I believe that improved Staff Safety will lead to improved Patient Safety
·       I believe, that for several reasons, Staff Safety is not taken as seriously as it should be by clinical staff and management alike
·       I believe that the Safety Score Audit tool will prove to be an invaluable management tool to identify leading indicators of safety issues
·       I believe that the Safety Score Audit tool will prove to be an invaluable tool for healthcare accreditors to use to screen for underperforming hospitals, so that once identified, they can be helped to achieve better patient outcome
I also know that most, if not all, of the people in this rotunda have similar beliefs
I am often asked what is an Australian doctor doing talking about this in the great State of Michigan?
The answers is easy
1.     Making a change in America will lead to this change being adopted around the world
Why Michigan?
1.     Initially the reason was
a.     In part serendipity and
b.     In part Michigan’s reputation for leading work it has done in the field of patient safety
2.     However the reason I keep coming back to Michigan is more concrete
I have found, as I expected, all the politicians and staffers that I have met with and spoken to have been
                                            i.     Open to new ideas
ii.     Logical in their review of the issues and the facts
ii.     And dedicated to improving the lives of their constituents
The Staff And Patient was established a couple of years ago so that my colleagues and I could promote Staff Safety and Patient Safety without talking about any products or commercial interests.
As part of that plan we have co-sponsored this award with Mr Ron Stoker the founder of ISIPS, the International Sharps Injury Prevention Society
So these plaques are our way of saying two things
1.     Firstly saying “thank-you” for listening to my idea and eventually supporting it, and
2.     Secondly saying “congratulations”
I am sure you are all too humble to be publically acknowledging what you have started.
With House Resolution #11 in March 13 and Senate Resolution #46 in October 13
You have laid the foundation for the Michigan Legislature to lead the way to Improve Staff Safety in healthcare and Patient Safety – in Michigan, in the United States and the all-around the rest of the world
So thank you and congratulations
I would like to ask Senator Mike Kowall to accept his award for first so that he can help me present the rest of the awards.