AngioDynamics, Incorporated

formerly RITA Medical Systems, Inc.
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About the company

RITA Medical Systems, now AngioDynamics, Incorporated, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products for cancer patients including radiofrequency ablation (RFA) systems for treating cancerous tumors as well as percutaneous vascular and spinal access systems.

The Company's oncology product lines include implantable ports, some of which feature its proprietary VTX® technology; tunneled central venous catheters; and stem-cell transplant catheters used primarily in cancer treatment protocols. The proprietary RITA system uses radiofrequency energy to heat tissue to a high enough temperature to ablate it or cause cell death.

In March 2000, RITA became the first RFA Company to receive specific FDA clearance for unresectable liver lesions in addition to its previous general FDA clearance for the ablation of soft tissue. In October 2002, RITA again became the first company to receive specific FDA clearance, this time, for the palliation of pain associated with metastatic lesions involving bone.

RITA Medical Systems has one of the leading safety Huber needles on the market that helps to reduce needlestick injuries to clinicians and