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About the company

BD pioneered and actively seeks to expand the market for products designed to protect health care workers against sharps injuries. There is no company that has committed more money, human resources, or technological know-how to reducing sharps injuries.

Today, BD offers the most complete line of advanced protection products in the industry, providing nearly 200 products for use in skin injection, sample collection, infusion therapy, surgery, and disposal.

In the past five years BD has spent more than $100 million on R&D and the acquisition of new patents for the development of sharps products with added safety features. BD offers the most products with user protection features on the market and has 75 patents in the safety area, more than twice the number held by any other company. Through a substantial investment of time and millions of dollars, BD has supported and often spearheaded efforts to educate health care institutions and workers about the risks of accidental sharps injuries. In 1991, BD launched the BD Safety Compliance Initiative, an educational program to raise end-user awareness of the risks of needlestick injuries.

BD funded the development of, and provides substantial ongoing support for, the EPINet computerized surveillance program, which aids in the tracking and analysis of needlestick injuries and blood/body fluid exposures in order to improve precaution strategies.