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About the company


The use of glass as a raw material for the production of evacuated blood collection tubes, has long been obligatory. Greiner Bio-One as the first manufacturer in the mid 1980’s recognises the safety problems that are associated with the use of glass products. As a result of this, the VACUETTE® product range offered exclusively in virtually break-proof PET plastic was developed.

This innovation, as well as the continual perfecting of all single components of the system has since the mid 1980`s set new conforms in regards to hygiene and safety in the blood collection field.

However, safety is a theme, that not only ends with blood collection tubes; it also covers all accessories of the VACUETTE® product range. With the ever present risk of glass breaks, needlestick injuries also present a high risk source, therefore Greiner Bio-One offers a multitude of safety products that can reliably protect personnel working in a health care setting.

“The Safety Project” is a long-term initiative that will see Greiner Bio-One invest considerable amounts in research and in the development of new, innovative safety products. Extensive training material will also be offered to ensure safe handling of VACUETTE® products. Above all, Greiner Bio-One supports worldwide innovative projects on the theme safety, and thereby the users of the system and in a wider succession the patient both directly or indirectly profit.
At the centre of all these activities stands health and safety of the personnel implementing our products, they are the highest aim for Greiner Bio-One.