Medi-Dose, Inc.


Robert Braverman


1785 Stout Drive
Warwick, PA 18974 U.S.A.






About the company

Medi-Dose, Inc. was started as a family business in 1971 with challenging goals. We wanted to provide a manual, solid oral, unit dose packaging system which was simple, quick, tamper-evident and moisture resistant. Plus, we wanted to ensure that each dose of medication was properly identified. And we did! No small feat! We became the unit dose specialists.

As times changed, we’ve still been able to achieve those goals. Now, we offer two unit dose systems…a "25" based system for hospitals (standard, traditional, hospital) and a "32" for extended and managed care. While developing Medi-Dose, we were often asked for other products. "Hey…why don’t you have…?" "Yo, I need…. Can you get it for me?" So, we started EPS® , Inc. We were asked about liquid packaging to complement our solid oral systems. So, we developed TampAlerT®. We were asked about IV preparation. So we developed a line of IV additive disposable accessories.

Filters? Yes! Tapes & Labels? Done! Trays, totes and bins? You got it! Bags? Absolutely! And that is how the EPS product line grew to what it is today. Please explore our web site to see just a part of the full EPS product line.

In addition, we have an increasing line of sharps injury prevention products. We look forward to working with you!