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About the company

Milestone Scientific is the world leader in advanced subcutaneous injection technology. It is the developer, manufacturer and marketer of “CompuMed®” and “CompuDent®” computer controlled local anesthetic delivery systems. These systems comprise a microprocessor controlled drive unit as well as “The Wand®” hand piece, a single patient use product that is held in a pen like manner for injections.

In 2001, Milestone Scientific received broad United States patent protection on “CompuFlo™”, an enabling technology for computer controlled, pressure sensitive infusion, perfusion, suffusion and aspiration, which provides real time displays of pressures, fluid densities and flow rates, that advances the delivery and removal of a wide array of fluids. In 2006, Milestone Scientific received 510(5) clearance to begin marketing The Wand.

Milestone Scientific is recognized as a world leader in advanced injection technology. Primarily, we are the developer, manufacturer, and marketer of patented computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery systems for the dental community - CompuDent featuring the Wand and SafetyWand handpiece. Milestone has recently expanded its product offering into the esthetic dentistry arena with our Cool Blue Tooth Whitening system including the Cool Blue Wand cordless LED curing light. We encourage you to learn more about our products on the pages that follow.

Since its inception, the CompuDent system has been used to deliver millions of safe, effective, and comfortable injections in the United States and around the world. CompuDent has been favorably evaluated in numerous peer-reviewed, published clincal studies and associated critique articles. Although, we wouldn't want you to just take our word for it. Explore the clinical information and testimonial sections included herein, and click on the links below to find out what the experts are saying about their experience with the The Wand.

Chances are you've seen or heard something about the Wand. And if you're curious as to the advantages of the product, we invite you to find out for yourself. Contact us to arrange your own in-office trial.

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