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About the company

Corporate Overview
PEAK Surgical, a medical device company founded in August 2005, developed the PEAK® Surgery System, a new tissue dissection system based on a proprietary technology that represents an important advance in radiofrequency surgical technologies. The company is committed to providing physicians with an advanced single device that cuts tissue as precisely as a scalpel, while controlling bleeding as effectively as traditional electrosurgery without causing extensive collateral thermal damage to tissues – a revolutionary benefit that fills a critical market gap.

The PEAK Surgery System and PlasmaBlade™
The company’s flagship product, the PEAK Surgery System, includes the PULSAR® Generator and the
PEAK PlasmaBlade™ family of disposable, low-temperature surgical cutting and coagulation devices.

The generator supplies pulsed plasma radiofrequency energy to the PlasmaBlade to incise tissue and control bleeding.

The PlasmaBlade family includes the:

  • PlasmaBlade 4.0, which is designed to cut through all types of soft tissue, including skin, fat and muscle

  • PlasmaBlade Needle, which has a fine needlepoint tip and is specifically designed for ultraprecise surgical procedures

  • PlasmaBlade EXT, which is designed for use in surgical procedures requiring an extended reach tip.

Unlike most radiofrequency-based surgical products that use continuous voltage waveforms to cut tissue, the PULSAR Generator supplies pulsed plasma-mediated electrical discharges through the PlasmaBlade. Because the radiofrequency energy is provided through short on-and-off pulses via a highly insulated cutting electrode, the PlasmaBlade cuts at an average temperature that is half that of a conventional electrosurgery device and can be as low as 50 degrees Centigrade. This temperature reduction results in significantly less damage to surrounding tissues compared to traditional electrosurgical devices. The PlasmaBlade can dissect tissue in a wet or dry surgical field.

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