Safety Product List D-F

Dental Anesthesia—Automatic

Computer controlled local anesthesia delivery enhances the injection process for both the dentist and the patient. Safety products retract the needle after injection making it safe for dental professionals.

  • STA - Single tooth administration with SafetyWand; Milestone Scientific,


Dental Anesthesia Syringe

Dental Anesthetic Syringes provide one-handed, single-use, disposable syringe injectors for the delivery of dental anesthetics.


Dosing Adapter

A self-sealing septum allows access to the container's contents using nearly any brand oral syringe.


Epidural Needle

Safety Epidural Needles help anesthesiologists meet OSHA guidelines while taking care of the needs of patients.

  • Perifix® Safety Epidural Needle; B. Braun Medical Inc.,


Epidural Continuous Infusion Trays

Safety epidural trays have safety components that keep clinicians safe from needlestick injury and bloodborne pathogen exposure.


Evacuated Blood Tubes, Plastic

Glass evacuated blood tubes have been used for decades and they frequently break exposing clinicians to unnecessary risks.  Plastic Evacuated Blood Tubes are available for a variety of tests.


Face Shields

Face shields protect the face from blood splash incidents.

Fascia Closing Device

Accidental suture needlesticks are the leading cause of sharps injury in the operating room. Suture needlesticks have been reported at rates as high as one in every 18 surgical cases, placing surgeons and OR personnel at serious risk of life-threatening infections.


Finger Incision Devices

One method for blood collection when very little blood is needed is the finger-incision method. These products have a hidden blade that incises the skin to a controlled, standardized depth. The device creates a shallow incision in the finger which cuts more of the capillary bed without cutting too deeply thus allowing blood to flow freely for a high quality blood specimen.

  • Tenderlett® finger incision devices, International Technidyne Corporation (ITC),


Finger Protection

This category features devices used to provide needlestick protection during gynecological and urological surgical procedures. These products facilitate suture placement and tissue dissection and can be used in surgical procedures of other specialties. They are radiopaque for identification during radiological studies.


Finger-stick Sampling

When only small quantities of blood are needed for testing a small sample of blood can be obtained by means of a finger stick. A finger stick describes the process of puncturing or incising the skin with a small sharp blade. The blood is allowed to pool on the finger tip and a small capillary tube is placed against the blood where it is apirated up into the tube.


Flu Syringe

The CDC has recommended all health care providers, as well as those in training for healthcare professions, be vaccinated annually against influenza. It is important that institutions use safety syringes when administering flu shots to their employees.