Safety Product List G-I

Glove, Puncture Indicator Gloves

The double gloving system that visibly indicates when a puncture occurs in the presence of fluid. Surgical gloves not only prevent infection of the patient during surgery, but also from the primary barrier to viral transmission from the patient to the wearer. However, any puncture in the glove can present a potential hazard. This unique product category provides the wearer with an immediate, easily recognizable visual indication of glove puncture in the presence of fluid, providing a proven precaution against the risks to the surgical team from bloodborne pathogens during medical procedures. If the outer glove is punctured, ingress of fluid through the puncture hole is clearly visible as a dark green patch around the site of the puncture.

  • Biogel Reveal™ double gloving system; Biogel PI Indicator glove,; Mölnlycke Health Care,


Guide wire bowl or basin

Guide wire basins or holders can organize, hydrate and hold guide wires.  They can also be used to contain the guide wire upon disposal and thus protecting clinicians from an injury from the end of the guide wire.


Guidewire introducer needle

Guide wire basins or holders can organize, hydrate and hold guide wires.  They can also be used to contain the guide wire upon disposal and thus protecting clinicians from an injury from the end of the guide wire.


Hand Hygiene Products

Each year there are many serious nosocomial infections. In fact, over 90,000 patient deaths per year are attributed to nosocomial infection.  The costs for treatment are over $4.5 Billion per year in the U.S. alone.  One of the big issues is hand washing compliance which is only at about 40 percent.  One study performed in a hospital nursery found that babies acquired staphylococci more frequently when cared for by nurses who didn't wash their hands than babies cared for by nurses who washed their hands between patient contacts. New guidelines developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and infection-control organizations recommend that healthcare workers use an alcohol-based hand rub (a gel, rinse or foam) to routinely clean their hands between patient contacts, as long as hands are not dirty.


Hazardous Waste Containers

Hazardous Waste Containers are designed to segregate hazardous pharmaceutical waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act


HeelStick Lancet or Incision Devices

Heel stick Lancet or incision devices provide a safe, effective method for obtaining blood samples from the heels of infants.

  • BD Quikheel™ Lancet; BD,

  • HemoHeel and HemoHeel Preemie; Helena Laboratories,

  • Tenderfoot® Heel Incision Device; International Technidyne Corp. (ITC),


Hemodialysis Catheters/Needles

Damaged kidneys require use of hemodialysis where blood flows into a special filter that removes wastes and fluids. “Clean” blood flows back into the body. Most of us are fortunate enough to have two healthy kidneys that keep our blood clean by removing wastes, and excess fluid and minerals. The kidneys also produce hormones that keep our bones strong and our blood healthy. If our kidneys were to fail, harmful wastes build up in our bodies, our blood pressure may rise, and we retain excess fluid. We also do not make enough red blood cells. When these conditions occur it is necessary to get treatments that will replace the functioning of failing kidneys.

  • ButtonHole  Needle Sets, MasterGuard Anti-Stick Needle Protector, Medic Anti-Stick Needle/Connector; Medisystems Corp.,

  • Shelly Protected Fistula Needle; Discount Medical Supply Inc.,

  • SysLoc Safety A.V. Fistula Needle Set, WingEaster A.V. Fistula Needle Guard; JMS North America Corporation,


Hemoglobin Reader

Typical hemoglobin readers require a variety of methods to place the sample into the machine increasing risk of bloodborne pathogen exposure.  New technologies exist that allow blood to be pulled into the microcuvette with capillary action.

  • HemoCue Blood Hemoglobin Photometer; Hemocue. a Quest Diagnostics Company,


Huber Needles

Huber needles administer chemotherapy, antibiotics, and TPN through implanted ports. The needle may be left in the port for days and it can sometimes be difficult to extract the needle safely. The difficulty of pulling the needle out creates a recoil action with the clinician often getting stuck by the needle into the stabilizing hand. Safety Huber needles, therefore are essential to use.


Infectious Waste Sharps Collectors for Regulated Medical Waste

Most of us are concerned about needlestick injuries and the concern about infectious agents. Other items used in the delivery of health care or in research and which have come in contact with infectious agents, for example, glass or rigid plastic culture tubes, flasks, beakers, etc., must also be considered as sharps and be disposed of accordingly. This category allows for the proper disposal of items that do not typify the "classic sharp" because they still can give rise to puncture or laceration wounds.

  • BD Infectious Waste Collectors 9 gal. 17 gal. and 19 gal.; BD;

  • Sharps Compliance 5-gallon medical waste collection pail (non-mailback); Sharps Compliance, Inc.;

  • Bemis Infectious Waste Containers; 2 gallon, 3 gallon, 8 and 11 gallon Red sharps containers; Bemis Healthcare;



Injection Therapy


Instrument Counter



Insulin Injection


Insulin Pen

An insulin pen is a small device the size of a fountain pen that includes a needle and holds a vial of insulin. It can be used instead of a syringe for giving insulin injections.


Insulin Pen needle remover

Insulin Pen needle removers were designed for the easy removal of insulin pen needles, minimizing the risk of accidental punctures.


Introducer Needles

These long needles are used to obtain access to the vasculature for cardiology or radiology procedures. Following the needle insertion into the patient’s vasculature, a guide wire is inserted through the needle. The needle is removed from off the guide wire.   Safety products with needles that retract or are shielded are now available.


Iontophoretic Drug Delivery Products

Ionotophoresis could be defined as the ability to move medication across the skin by using an electrical charge. Ionotophoresis uses low level electrical current to speed up the delivery of the drug ions into the skin and surrounding tissues. This is an alternate method to a typical injection using a needle.

  • Lidosite; B Braun/


IV Access

IV and Vial Access blunt and plastic needles fit a variety of pre-pierced ports and can be used with any single or multi-dose drug vial. This can increase safety and ease of use by decreasing the number of steps required to draw and deliver intravenous fluids.

  • Monoject Angel Wing Blood Collection Set with BlunTip, Monject Angel Wing Luer Lock Collection Set,  MONOJECT BLUNTIP™ Safety I.V. Access Cannula,  MONOJECT BLUNTIP™ Safety I.V. Access Cannula with Vial Access Pin,  MONOJECT BLUNTITE™ I.V. Security Clip, MONOJECT SmarTip™, MONOJECT™ LIFE SHIELD™ Safety I.V. Access Cannulas and Combos; Covidien,

  • Blunt Cannula Needle; Alimed;

  • Abbott Life Shield Blunt Cannula; Abbott Laboratories;

  • Terumo Medic Plastic Anti-Stick Needle/Connector; Terumo Medical;

  • Medex Blunt Cannula Needle Free Access Device; Smiths Medical;

  • BD Blunt Cannula; BD;


IV Catheter

Safety IV catheters are used to access the bloodstream for IV administration of drugs and for aspiration of blood while keeping healthcare worker safe.


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