Safety Product List M-O

Magnetic Drapes


Magnetic Instrument Transfer

Magnetic drapes introduce a safe and effective way to minimize percutaneous injuries and accidental sticks during instrument transfer in the OR. Magnetic drapes attract and hold surgical instruments on the sterile field. They could be part of a comprehensive program to include engineering controls and proper work practices to eliminate bloodborne pathogen exposures.


Magnetic Floor Sweeper



Magnetic Mats



Magnetic Sharps Retriever

Does your institution have a method that is outlined to pick up sharps that have fallen onto the floor?  Hands should never be used to do this. There are several hands-free sharps collection systems that can easily fit under operating room and exam tables. This allows medical personnel to retrieve needles and other sharps without bending or stretching and without risking an accidental sharps injury.

Medication Reconstitution

There are many new drugs that have recently been marketed in a lyophilized form. This increases the shelf life of the product and shortens the time-to-market. These drugs require an additional reconstitution step prior to administration.

  • Ampoule Adapters, Mix2Vial™, MixJect™ , Needleless Transfer Device; West Pharmaceutical Services,

  • Double Ended Medication Transfer Spike II; Medi-Dose Inc.,

  • ADD-Vantage® System; Hospira;



Microfiltration of blood is used when infusing small volumes of blood, blood components and other fluids.


Microblood Collection

Micro blood collection requires gathering small amounts of blood without the clinician being exposed during the collection process.


Micro introducer

Micro Introducer kits are intended to provide vascular access using a smaller needle and dilating the vessel to introduce a larger catheter.


Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Suturing Device

  • SuturTek Endo360° minimally invasive suturing devices Suturtek;


Myelogram Safety Trays

Myelogram trays that have safety components to minimize needlestick and other sharps injuries and bloodborne pathgogen exposures.


Mylar-Wrapped Glass Hematocrit Tubes

Mylar-wrapped Hematocrit Tubes provide the precision of using glass tubes with the safety provided by a Mylar overwrap.  If the tube breaks accidentally the Mylar wrap protects from glass injuries and bloodborne pathogen exposures.

  • BD Vacutainer Plastic Clad Micro-hematocrit tubes; BD;

  • Hemato-Clad Mylar-wrapped Hematocrit Tube; Drummond Scientific Company;

  • SafeCap Self-Sealing Mylar-wrapped capillary tubes; Safe-Tec Clinical Products, Inc;


Needle Counter

During surgery, it is important to keep track of how many needles have been used to ensure that all of them have been removed from a patient when the operation is completed. Counting devices are frequently used in surgery to keep track of the number of used needles.

  • ACCUCount ™ Needle Counter, NeedleVISE ™, Large Gauge NeedleVISE ™; Atrion Medical,

  • DEVON™ Foam Block Needle Counters, DEVON™ Foam Strip Needle Counters, DEVON™ Magnetic Needle Counters, DEVON™ Needle Counter -Non-sterile; Covidien,

  • Sharps Safety Station Needle Counter Box; Advanced Medical Innovations;

  • Needle Counter; Xodus Medical,

  • DeBlade™ Needle Counters; DeRoyal;


Needle Disintegration Products

Needle disintegration products incinerate the needle immediately after an injection has been administered. By incinerating the sharp at very high temperatures, any liquid or residue inside of the needle is evaporated which removes infectious threats.


Needle-free IV Systems

Needle-free IV access systems are used for the aspiration, injection or gravity flow of fluids into the body.

  • BD Q-Syte™ Luer Access Split-Septum, BD Posiflow™ Positive Pressure Valve, BD Interlink® Needleless IV Access Devices, BD Twinpak Dual Cannula Device; BD,

  • Clave Connector, CLC 2000 Catheter Connector, Mini-Clave Connector,MicroClave MAPS and Micro Clave Connector Sets,TEGO Connector  ; ICU Medical,

  • FLOLINK Valve -Simplicity in Positive Displacement IV Valves, Interlink IV Access System, Clearlink IV Access System,V-Link with vitalshield protective coating;  Baxter,

  • FloStar Needleless Connector; Intravascular Inc.,

  • InVision-Plus® Neutral Displacement I.V. Connector; Rymed,

  • LifeShield® CLAVE®, Lifeshield Pre-pierced Reseal IV Sets, ; Hospira, .

  • Max Y Connector, MaxPlus Needless Connector;MaxPlus Clear, Medegen,

  • Needleless Swabable Valves; Halkey-Roberts,

  • Smartsite Needle-free Valve, Smartsite Plus Needle Free Valve; Cardinal Health, Alaris Medical Systems,

  • Ultrasite® Needle-free IV System, Safetline Split System, Safsite capped Valve System, ;  B Braun,

  • Interlink IV Access System, Baxter Healthcare Corporation;

  • Smartsite® IV Sets and accessories, Cardinal,

  • Texium Closed Male Luer Connector; Cardinal Health;  


Needle-free IV System Protector

Needleless IV access ports are often contaminated by air born contamination and by touch. it is very important to make sure that the injection site is clean prior to use. Products in this category helped to decontaminate the needleless IV access port and provides an effective, consistent and repeatable swabbing of luer activated needleless  injection sites.


Needle-free IV Bag Spike

Many IV sets have a spike on one end and an injection site on the other. The injection site is used to transfer medications directly into the IV bag. The use of a needle creates an unnecessary sharps exposure for healthcare workers and also provides an unnecessary risk to toxic medications. Needle-free systems are available that eliminate these risks.


Needle-free Stopcock

Stopcocks provide a needle-free method of having multiple lines fed from  a needleless connector.


Needleless Manifold Systems

Manifold systems use the luer on a syringe to transfer fluids without the need for needles.


Needleless Injection Systems

A needleless injection system pushes medication through the skin in a fraction of a second without the need of a needle. 


Needle Parking Device

Needle parking devices allow clinicians to use a one-handed technique during suturing by letting them park the suture needle between stitches.


Neuropathy Screening

During neurological examination clinicians have used needles and pins to determine if the patient has a decrease in sensation of sharpness or pain in small nerve fibers. Sterile Safety products are available that do not create an opportunity for an accidental needlestick or bloodborne pathogen exposure.


Neutral Zone Products

The neutral zone is a location on the surgical field where sharps are placed from which the surgeon or scrub can retrieve them. Sharp instruments should always be passed using a neutral zone or product to minimize accidents and self wounding with sharp instruments.


Nuclear Medicine Safety Products

Sharps safety products that protect clinicians from accidental needlesticks while providing appropriate tools for nuclear studies


Ophthalmic Scalpel

Safety ophthalmic scalpels protect surgeon and nurses from the potential exposure of hepatitis and HIV. In addition, they can also protect patients from prions that are found in ophthalmic tissue that are not destroyed during sterilization procedures. Therefore, a disposable safety ophthalmic scalpel is very important

  • Beaver Safety Cataract Knives, Atomic Edge Safety silicon knives; BD,

  • Diamatrix Sharps Safety Stainless Steel Knife, Diamatrix Surgical Steel E-Series® Trapezoid blade,ProTekt Sharps Safety Knives; Diamatrix Ltd.,

  • SharpGuard Guarded Knives, Angiotech;

  • Storz Instruments Guarded Disposable Knives, Bausch & Lomb,

  • Feather SafeShield Microscalpel, OASIS Medical,


Oral Medication Syringes

For Quick and Accurate Dispensing of Small Doses of Oral Medications


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