Blood Collection Equipment

Safety products in this category are used to collect blood. Products include blood collection needles, reusable and disposable needle holders/housing, and vacuum blood collection tubes.

The VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder is especially suitable for daily routine blood collection. There is no change to usual collection technique. The safety shield is activated one-handed either with the aid of a solid surface or with the thumb. The QUICKSHIELD provides the user with the simplest handling and reliable infection protection. The product is also available pre-assembled with a VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS multiple use drawing needle in a blister pack. The brand name for this convenient combi-product is VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Complete PLUS

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VACUETTE® Safety Blood Colllection Set



The VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set has been especially developed for patients with difficult vein conditions. As the safety mechanism is activated whilst the needle is still in the vein, a high level of protection is ensured. Correct activation is indicated via an acoustic signal. With the transparent view window, visual control of successful vein penetration is possible. The VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set is available in three different versions. The standard product without luer adapter; which is also suitable for short-term infusion procedures. The version with a pre-assembled  luer adapter and the third version with luer adapter and tube holder.


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VanishPoint® Blood Collection Tube Holder

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  • Automated retraction is activated by securely closing end cap while needle is still in patient's vein

  • Once activated, needle is automatically retracted from patient, virtually eliminating exposure

  • Single use holder protects users from both ends of contaminated blood collection needles

  • Utilizes conventional multiple sample blood collection needles and prevents cross contamination

  • Capable of multi-tube blood draws

  • Small diameter tube adapter available for use with small diameter tubes

ProGuard II™ Safety Needle Holder

Kendall's ProGuard II™ Safety Needle Holder is designed as a single use disposable product that provides total needle protection, front and back for those who draw blood specimens. After the specimen is obtained the operator closes the hinged door sealing the open end of the tube holder for back end protection. Then the operator then retracts the needle with the thumb, allowing single-handed activation, an important feature in any safety device. The entire unit is then discarded into a sharps container

The ProGuard II Safety Needle Holder is an easy-to-use disposable holder that facilitates safe and accurate blood draws while helping to prevent accidental needlesticks. It can be safely engaged with one hand, attaching to any standard blood draw needle and protecting both the front and back ends. When it is activated, splatter is prevented. Once blood is drawn, the needle retracts and then locks permanently and safely in its protected housing, ready for disposal.

BD Eclipse Safety Shielding Blood Collection Needle

The BD Eclipse shield is activated immediately after the needle is removed from the vein. When the thumb pushes forward on the shield, an audible click indicates that the safety shield is locked in place. The BD Eclipse shield has minimal impact on waste disposal.

The BD Eclipse safety shielding blood collection needle is attached directly to a standard blood collection needle and already aligned with the bevel of the needle, so no extra assembly or adjustment is required by the use. The intuitive design of the advanced protection technology means there is no need to change the standard, one-handed venipuncture technique when using the BD Eclipse Safety Shielding Blood Collection needle. The procedure remains familiar and the user's other hand is free to apply pressure to the patient's puncture site. 

BD Vacutainer® Push Button Collection Set

The one-handed safety activation of the push button allows for activation of the safety mechanism while still attending to the patient/venipuncture site, and provides easier, safer blood collection for the healthcare worker, with no compromise to patient care.

BD Vacutainer® Push Button Collection Set is the only blood collection system with push-button technology. It offers split-second protection for that single moment which could potentially change your life. The push-button safety mechanism instantly helps protect you against needlestick injury. Its in-vein activation reduces risk of healthcare worker exposure to a contaminated needle, provides easy activation without patient discomfort, and is ideal for use in high-risk environments. 


Venipuncture Needle-Pro Needle Protection device

The Venipuncture Needle-Pro device is a disposable holder-based needle protection device that, once engaged against any hard surface, covers both ends of a multisample blood draw needle, thus protecting clinicians against accidental needlesticks throughout the entire disposal process. The one-handed operation leaves the opposite hand free to perform hemostasis. Upon engagement of the safety feature, the holder and needle are disposed of together, complying with the updated OSHA directive concerning the prohibition of removing contaminated needles from blood collection holders and disposing of the holder together with the contaminated needle immediately after use.

Saf-T Holder® Devices (Not available in Canada)

Product Features

  • Back-end needle and Luer permanently attached to the holder to assure compliance with OSHA directives.

  • Provide safe needleless transfer after a syringe draw.

  • Available separately or with Saf-T Wing® Blood Collection Sets.

Saf-T Holder® devices come with the back-end needle and multi-sample Luer permanently attached to the holder to eliminate potential exposures and holder re-use. Available with Saf-T Wing® Blood Collection Sets, Saf-T Holder® devices also provide easy needless transfer after a syringe draw.


Hypodermic Needle-Pro® EDGE™ Safety Device (Only available in USA)

smiths Medical has long been a leader in the innovation of needle safety devices that meet clinical expectations and provides a cost-effective, safety-engineered solution to needle safety requirements. Today's hospital and federal directives demand accuracy, efficiency, cost saving measures, as well as patient and healthcare worker safety, all within an increasingly fast-paced clinical environment. Smiths Medical has responded to these needs by advancing its Hypodermic Needle-Pro® needle safety device to incorporate features that give the clinician an important edge when it comes to safety, convenience, and cost-efficiency.

Carpuject® Needle-Pro® Device (Only available in USA)

Product Features

Meets NIOSH/CDC recommendations for safety devices

  • The safety feature is an integral part of the device.

  • The safety feature engages with a single-handed technique.

  • The clinician’s hands and fingers remain behind the exposed sharp at all times.

  • The clinician can easily tell whether the safety feature is activated.

  • The needle is securely locked inside the safety device and remains protective through disposal.


The Carpuject® Needle-Pro® device has been designed specifically for Carpuject® prefilled medication cartridges. The Needle-Pro® device easily slides onto the medication cartridge so that once the clinician has completed the injection, the needle can be immediately secured by engaging the protective sheath over the contaminated needle.

  • Safety device has been modified at the Luer fitting to accommodate the Carpuject® medication cartridge.

  • Needle-Pro® device easily slides onto the medication cartridge.

  • Once the clinician has completed the injection, the needle can be immediately secured by engaging the Needle-Pro® protective sheath over the contaminated needle.

  • Allows the clinician to reuse the Carpuject® injector repeatedly