Education and Training On-site

Regulatory and legislative mandates require that healthcare organizations implement safer medical devices that are appropriate, commercially available, and effective.   Frontline workers must be involved in selecting these devices, and all affected employees must be trained to them.

A hospital or clinic can benefit from the collective knowledge of others that have experience in sharps injury prevention.   Clinical expertise can be used to help develop annual sharps injury prevention plans, learn about new sharps injury prevention technologies, give courses on Needlestick Safety and Prevention act, etc.

Center for Phlebotomy Education

Testimonials from Facilities We Have Served:
"After attending [Mr. Ernst's] informative presentations, many of our participants were inspired to re-examine and improve existing blood collection policies, procedures, and practice within their facilities. Mr. Ernst has proven himself to be a valued resource to those in pursuit of phlebotomy excellence."
Lisa O. Ballance, BSMT(ASCP)
Regional Laboratory Consultant/Event Organizer
North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health
"When you came and spoke to our staff, the lecture profoundly influenced them.  They actually stated to me that the next day they carried out their duties with a completely new attitude towards the importance of their job, their obligation to the patient and quality of their work."
Donna Johnson
Laboratory Performance Improvement/Safety Coordinator
South Jersey Healthcare
Bridgeton, New Jersey
Center for Phlebotomy Education
Center for Phlebotomy Education
The Center welcomes your invitation to present an in-service or workshop at your facility. We travel coast-to-coast to make the best in phlebotomy education convenient for all healthcare facilities and their employees. Based on your needs, topics can be customized to address the issue(s) you need discussed. Some suggested phlebotomy topics include:
  • Basic or Advanced Phlebotomy Technique---day-long workshop with or without a hands-on practical component
  • Reducing Blood Culture Contamination Rates
  • Protecting Your Lab From Phlebotomy-Related Lawsuits
  • Minimizing Pre-Analytical Errors in Specimen Collection 
    Products and Practices for Needlestick Prevention
  • Mastering Pediatric Phlebotomy
  • Phlebotomy Safety Survey: Are you Safe? Are your Patients?
  • What Every Phlebotomist MUST Know!
  • What's New in Specimen Collection Standards?
In-Service fees:  To discuss a customized in-service in your facility anywhere the US, Canada or internationally, contact the Center for fees and further information.

Center for Phlebotomy Education
Drawing upon over twenty years of experience as a medical technologist and educator, Ernst conducts phlebotomy-related programs at state and national healthcare conferences nationwide.
Potential topics for your next event include:
  • Basic Phlebotomy Workshop
  • Preventing Phlebotomy-Related Lawsuits
  • Eliminating Pre-analytical Errors in Specimen Collection
  • Seizing Control of Blood Culture Contamination Rates
  • Products & Practices for Needlestick Prevention
  • The Ten Commandments of Phlebotomy
  • What Every Phlebotomy Training Program MUST Include
  • NCCLS Update: Key Changes Every Phlebotomist Must Know
  • Mastering Pediatric  Phlebotomy
To discuss  Mr. Ernst's availability to speak at your conference, please contact the Center for Phlebotomy Education at 812-633-4636; or send an email.
Center for Phlebotomy Education
Center for Phlebotomy Education
Presentations at state, national and international meetings of healthcare organizations and  associations on needlestick prevention and other technical specimen collection issues.
Is your organization looking for a speaker?
Dennis J. Ernst MT(ASCP)
A highly recruited international lecturer, Dennis J. Ernst MT(ASCP) has addressed thousands of healthcare professionals throughout North America and Europe.

Dennis Ernst is the best out-of-state speaker we have ever had in 18 years of organizing conferences.  He is extremely knowledgeable and presents his material in an enjoyable way.”
            Virginia Narlock, Ph.D.,
 Program Coordinator
                     Laboratory Medicine in Review  
 Marshfield Clinic 
"By far the best phlebotomy speaker our meeting has ever had."
Paul Guthrie
Michigan Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Dennis J. Ernst MT(ASCP) has been involved in phlebotomy for over 20 years as a medical technologist, educator and legal consultant.  Author of Phlebotomy for Nurses and Nursing Personnel, editor of Phlebotomy Today, and author of dozens of phlebotomy articles for healthcare and consumer magazines, Ernst is one of the most widely published authors on the subject of phlebotomy. He is a highly recruited speaker at state, national and international healthcare conferences.
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