Huber Needle Removal Device

Huber needles are used to administer chemotherapy, antibiotics, and TPN through an implanted IV port.  These Needles may be in the port for many days at a time.   It can sometimes be difficult to de-access, or extract the needle safely.   The current method of removing the needle from the implanted port is simply to pull it out with the clinician's fingers.  The difficulty of pulling the needle out often creates a recoil action with the clinician often getting a needle stick into the stabilizing hand.   A Huber needle removal device removes the Huber needle without putting the clinician at risk for a needlestick injury.
This is a category that some have referred to as a safety product. The executive director does not believe that this is the case and strongly encourages healthcare workers to use safety Huber needles and not use these types of products. It is believed that using standard Huber needles with Huber needle removal products is inherently dangerous.
If you have a differing viewpoint, please contact the executive director of ISIPS.

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