Needle-free IV Bag Spike

Many IV sets have a spike on one end and an injection site on the other.  The injection site is used to transfer medications directly into the IV bag.  The use of a needle creates an unnecessary sharps exposure for healthcare workers and also provides an unnecessary risk to toxic medications.  Needle-free systems are available that eliminate these risks.

Smartsite® Needle-Free Valve


  • Spike: Acrylic

  • Shield: PE (polyethylene)

  • SmartSite Body: Acrylic

  • Piston: Silicone

Instructions for use

  • Use Aseptic Technique

Note: The valve port is two-way and luer-locking.

  • Remove protective cap on spike.

  • Insert spike into fluid container. Suspend fluid container.

  • Swab valve with preferred antiseptic prior to accessing valve port.

  • Attach syringe to valve port.

  • Withdraw desired amount of fluid. Detach syringe.

Smartsite® Needle-Free Valve

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By providing needle-free and latex-free intravenous (IV) therapy, the SmartSite® Needle-Free Valve provides safety for health care workers and patients. The SmartSite®Needle-Free Valve is the smart choice for a complete, hospital-wide needle-free system.

Lower Costs, Complete Compliance. By reducing the need for caps, cannulas and add-on components, the complete SmartSite® Needle - Free Valve is more cost-effective than many other needle-free systems.

SmartSite® Needle - Free Valve is more cost-effective than many other needle-free systems.


The Smartsite needle-free bag access spike does not contain DEHP in the fluid path and is individually packaged. 

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Vial2Bag™ Needleless System


 Vial2Bag™ Needleless System


            The Vial2Bag needleless system enables safe reconstitution and transfer of a drug between a vial or syringe and any solution-filled IV bag. The needle-free system connects to standard IV bags through the IV set port so it can be used with all manufacturers’ bags.

            The drug vial connects to the Vial2Bag system with a standard vial adapter. The diluent is transferred from the IV bag to the vial for drug reconstitution. The reconstituted drug is then transferred from the vial back to the bag. The system helps provide transfer of the full dose to the IV bag for administration. Standard syringes can also be connected to the Vial2Bag system.

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