Retractable Scalpel

Reusable Saf-T-Scalpel
Finally, there is a reusable safety scalpel that is just like a standard reusable scalpel with a protective shield/guard. With the Reusable Saf-T-Scalpel there is full blade size visualization during use and easy one-hand blade removal.
  • This innovative product has been designed to protect the practitioner’s hands during surgery.
  • It is the ultimate in safety since it is a patent pending design with audible click and tactile sensation to confirm the lock is in place.
  • It has a fully secure hidden ruler that is exposed while the blade is concealed and protected.
  • It has a built-in single handed blade remover so there will be no accidental cutting of the practitioner during surgery.
  • Autoclavable – Reusable.
  • There are multiple sized handles to choose from. Our products meet and exceed OSHA, CDC, JCAHO and AORN standards. We suggest that you comply with current OSHA laws pertaining to Sharps Safety in Surgery by using our sharps safety products to avoid being cited for repeated sharps safety violations.
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