Safety Bifurcated Needles:

Bifurcated needles are used to administer vaccines by the scarification method. A sterile bifurcated needle is dipped into a reconstituted vaccine ampoule. The vaccine is administered by scratching the skin with 15 perpendicular needle strokes. These contaminated bifurcated needles can accidentally stick a healthcare or janitorial worker before they are disposed of. New technologies are available that eliminate this post-vaccination potential for contaminated needlestick.

Historical methods of smallpox vaccination can create problems


With the potential of biological warfare, it is important that countries have the ability to vaccinate entire populations against diseases like smallpox.    Historical methods of vaccination, however, can create a problem for healthcare workers and others.  New technologies exist that can prevent accidental needlesticks.


BD Eclipse Bifurcated Needle

BD Eclipse™ Bifurcated Needle

A highly efficient safety-engineered needle that is the medical device of choice for either large-scale Smallpox immunization campaigns or emergency responses.

Remove the seal from the vial.  Make sure that Gloves are always worn.  Place needle into vial of smallpox vaccine.

On withdrawal, a droplet of vaccine is contained between the tines.  The droplet will contain the recommended dose of vaccine, and its presence within the prongs of the needle should be confirmed visually.

Apply the vaccine according to institutional guidelines or vaccine manufacturer instructions.  Immediately activate pink safety cover as follows:

Using the same hand, center thumb or forefinger on the finger pad area of the pink safety cover.  Push the pink safety cover forward toward the needle until you hear and/or feel it lock.

Visually confirm that the needle tip is covered.  Discard the needle immediately in an approved sharps disposable container.

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