Safety Cord Clamping/Cutting

The umbilical cord of infants is typically cut by placing two plastic clamps on the cord and then severing  the cord with scissors.    It is important that the cord cutting be performed with sterile instruments. Both disposable and reusable scissors are a potential source of sharps injuries to healthcare workers and others.   Newer technologies exist that can take the risk of a sharps injury out of this procedure. 




Joey Spray Guard
Color provides the caregiver the ability 
to identify the infants in multiple birth scenarios.  With the Joey Spray Guard 
in color it is easy to identify not only the infants but also their umbilical cords after cord severance.  This is important because when cord blood and cord gases are taken the caregiver has the ability to match the unique cord with the correct infant.

Multiple colors are generally used for multiple births and are available by special order in larger quantities.


Joey Medical

Cuts and Clamps the Umbilical Cord 
With an emphasis on safety and ease of use, the Joey Spray Guard is a delivery system that cuts and clamps both the maternal and infant sides of the umbilical cord and leaves the cute Joey Clamp on the infant.

Up to 10x faster than conventional methods 
The Joey's efficient design and one handed use have been shown to improve delivery times by as much as 10x. This performance edge becomes more pronounced in multiple births where efficiency is paramount to the safe delivery of each infant. As can be seen on the Discovery Health Channel footage in the Joey Short Overview video, the Hedricks' sextuplets were delivered in only two and a half minutes using the Joey System.

Reduces the Spray 
The Joey Spray Guard provides a concurrent clamping and cutting action that shields the caregiver from blood spray.  This advanced, ergonomically designed product will change the face of delivery.

The Package 
The package includes the Joey Clamp (the baby-side clamp), an umbilical cord cutter incorporating a maternal clamp, an Opening Tool and Instructions for Use.

The Joey Spray Guard is ergonomically designed for one-handed use.  Its double latching system ensures complete cut and closure of the device.  Once fully latched, simply pressing outward on Joey’s ears easily ejects the Joey Clamp, the only piece which stays with the baby.

The current controls in place to reduce blood exposure in the labor and delivery environment consist of goggles, masks, drapes and gowns.  While these controls are effective to an extent they are by design reactive not proactive.  The Joey Spray Guard is a proactive device that may greatly reduce blood exposures in the labor and delivery environment through its unique design, demonstrated below: 

Cord Blood 
For those physicians that draw cord blood samples with a needle and syringe the Joey Spray Guard may help prevent needle sticks.  After the cord is severed the product housing side of the device remains on the placenta side of the cord.  The housing acts as a handle for the physician to safely draw cord blood.

Ease of Use 
The Joey Spray Guard was ergonomically designed to be operated with one hand providing maximum control and maneuverability during the procedure.

The Joey Spray Guard clamps and cuts in one simple motion not three separate steps.  The device clamps both the maternal and infant sides of the cord.

The Joey Spray Guard reduces the need for additional assistance.

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