Safety Huber Needle

Huber needles are used to administer chemotherapy, antibiotics, and TPN through an implanted IV port.  These Needles may be left in the port for many days at a time.  It can be difficult to de-access, or extract the needle safely.  The difficulty of pulling the needle out often creates a recoil action with the clinician often getting a needle stuck into the stabilizing hand. A Safety Huber needle retracts or shields the needle upon removal from the implanted port preventing the potential of recoil resulting in an accidental needlestick.
K-Shield Advantage™ Port Access Infusion Needle

The K-Shield Advantage Port Access Infusion Needle has the following features:

  • One step activation – simple, safe and easy to use for clinicians.
  • Tactile and audible click upon safety activation – assures you that the needle is safely secured.

  • Low profile and small body size – making dressing simple and device less visible under patient’s clothing.

  • Small transparent skin plate – allows a clear view of the infusion site.

  • Non-coring siliconized needle – minimizes drag on the skin during access and de-access.

  • Non-DEHP fluipd path – offers a safe, DEHP-free fluid path.

  • Latex free – for patients, practitioners and end-users

K-Shield Advantage™ Port Access Infusion Needle

Kawasumi brings you K-Shield AdvantageTM, a totally integrated device for optimal non-coring Huber needle stick protection. K-Shield complies with all OSHA standards and has unmatched advantages.

It’s been carefully designed with user needs in mind. For example, it’s clinician friendly and easy to use, especially when activating the safety mechanism. The audible click can be heard clearly to acknowledge the needle is locked and enclosed during activation. Kawasumi’s K-Shield port access infusion sets are available in both straight tubing and needleless “Y” site offerings. And, pinch clamps are color coded according to needle gauge. 

Of course, you’re concerned about patient comfort. Kawasumi has addressed this issue with a lubricated needle which reduces patient discomfort when port is accessed as well upon needle removal.

Also, K-Shield has one of the lowest profiles in the industry, making dressings simple and efficient. This also improves patient comfort during long infusion times. The ridges on the bottom plate enable skin to breath, further improving patient comfort.

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LifeGuard™ Safety Needle
Grasp flexible wings with thumb and middle finger, placing index finger on top of safety hinge. Advance needle through skin and septum until it contacts bottom of port reservoir.
Raise needle trap upward to 90°. Using non-dominant hand, grasp the safety hinge with thumb and middle finger.
Gently push the safety hinge down against the patient's skin and port. 
Flip the safety syringe towards the needle trap into the safe position. Properly dispose in sharps container.
LifeGuard™ Safety Needle
LifeGuard's needle trap fully encapsulates the needle upon de-access.  Compared to traditional needles and sharps, Lifeguard is designed for maximum control and safety with minor changes to technique.
  • Safeguard against Needlestick injuries
  • Enhanced for Patient Comfort
  • Designed for Maximum Control
  • Easy to Use
  • Minimum change to technique
  • Large Grip Handle for Secure control
LifeGuard features:
  • Visual and audible confirmation of safety
  • Colored safety handle for needle gauge confirmation 
  • Low profile design
  • Height adjustable wings
  • Needleless compatibility
  • Easy to secure
LifeGuard™ Safety Needle will easily insert into all implanted ports and when de-accessing from the port it  encapsulates the sharp point fully, preventing unnecessary needlesticks to clinicians and custodial staff.

Gripper Plus Safety Needle
GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle
  • Easy to use
  • Hands behind the needle
  • Audible and visual confirmation of safety
  • Minimal change to technique
  • Meets NIOSH/CDC recommended criteria
The exclusive design of the GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle allows you to de-access Huber needles in one safe, easy, natural motion.  Try it, you'll like it!
The new GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle is used to deliver medications intravenously through a patient's implanted port.  Its unique feature is a safety arm that is lifted to lock the needle into a protected position when de-accessing it from an implanted port.  An audible click provides clinicians with confirmation that the de-accessed needle is in its locked safety position.  
The GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle is safe for clinicians, comfortable for patients, and easy to use.  It also allows institutions to comply with NIOSH / CDC criteria for sharps safety.
The GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle is based on the input of many clinicians and the design of the familiar GRIPPER® Huber needles, which are recognized as the gold standard in Huber needles.  In the last five years, Deltec has sold over 10 million GRIPPER® needles worldwide.
1: From behind the GRIPPER PLUS Safety Needle place fingers on each side of the base to stabilize it.  With the other hand, place a finger on the tip of the safety arm.
2: Begin to lift the safety arm straight back.  Notice that the needle comes out perfectly straight.
3:  Continue lifting the safety arm until the needle "clicks" into the lock position.  It is now safely out of the way, ready to be disposed of in a sharps container.
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LiftLoc Safety Huber Needle
LiftLoc™ Safety Huber Needle
The LiftLoc™ safety mechanism's innovative design reduces the risk of accidental needlesticks, including rebound injuries, which account for an estimated 47% of accidental needlestick injuries from using Huber needles.  LiftLoc™ features a robust shield that is deployed by the user as the needle is withdrawn from the port. LiftLoc™ safety mechanism activation conforms to common user technique.
LiftLoc™ Safety Infusion Set features:
Safety mechanism designed to conform to user technique
Safety mechanism reduces the risk of accidental needlestick injuries by shielding the needle following activation.
Non-coring needle
"Y" site is adaptable for needleless access devices
Tubing does not contain DEHP
Latex free
Low profile
Convenient and easy to use

SafeStep Huber Needle Set
The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, protecting itself; at dawn it rises and opens again. 
The Right Step for You and Your Patient
Simple to use
Robust safety mechanism
Easy visibility of access site
Small footprint
Non-absorbent patient comfort pad
Non-coring needle
Latex free
Best overall value
SafeStep® Huber Needle Set combines excellent safety Huber needle technologan affordable, simple to use product. SafeStep features ay in  robust safety mechanism with a clear base for easy site visibility. It boasts a small footprint, one of the smallest available today! Its patient comfort pad is soft and supple for patient comfort during infusion. SafeStep is the best overall value for you, your nurses, and your patients!

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MiniLoc® Safety Infusion Set
Ultra-low Profile
Easy-to-grasp Wings
Simple to Lock
MiniLoc® Safety Infusion Set is Specialized Health Products’ premier safety Huber needle. MiniLoc is designed with an ultra-low profile, small footprint and enhanced angled tubing to facilitate dressing and help maintain dressing integrity.
MiniLoc’s specially lubricated needle reduces penetration and access forces during port access. Its needle forward design facilitates dual lumen port access. MiniLoc is latex free and features DEHP free tubing. MiniLoc’s ergonomic, integral wing design allows controlled, easy safety mechanism engagement. An audible “click” as well as tactile feel and a visual indicator confirm safety mechanism engagement.
Facilitates Dual Lumen Port Access
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Huber Plus Safety Infusion Set
Key Features & Benefits:
Easy To Use:
  • Wing color indicates gauge size
  • Single-handed safety activation
  • Audible “click” confirms safety feature is engaged
  Comfortable for the Patient:
  • Low profile for easy dressing
  • Siliconized needle reduces drag and penetration forces during insertion and removal
PowerLoc* Safety Infusion Set
Key Features & Benefits:
  • PowerLoc* Safety Infusion Set - 325 psi, up to 5 ml/sec
Comfortable for the Patient:
  • Lowest profile of all Bard safety infusion sets
  • Smooth, comfortable base is designed for patient comfort
  • Siliconized needle reduces drag and penetration forces during insertion and removal
PowerLoc* Safety Infusion Set
Easy To Use:
  • Ergonomic wing design provides controlled access and deaccess
  • Needle forward design provides excellent access site visibility
  • Hear, feel and see the safety feature engage
EZ Huber® Safety Infusion Set
EZ Huber® Safety Infusion Set
An Easy-to-Use, Power Injectable Venous Access System
Safety, Speed and Comfort
  • 5mL/sec. 300 psi Flow Rate/pressure Rating*
    Indicated for contrast-enchanced CT imaging procedures
  • Small Footprint Enhances site visualization
  • Low Profile and Padded Base
    Designed for patient comfort
Special features that enhance clinical safety:
  • Visual and audible confirmation of safety activation
  • Dual-action safety needle designed to shield the tip and shroud the entire needle cannula, reducing the risk of bloodborne pathogen exposure.  
*Needle Size
19 gauge
20 gauge
22 gauge
Clamp Color
Maximum Flow Rate
5 mL/sec
5 mL/sec
2 mL/sec
Maximum Pressure
300 psi
300 psi
300 psi