Safety IV Catheters

Safety IV catheters are used to access the bloodstream for IV administration of drugs and for aspiration of blood while keeping healthcare worker safe.
BD Insyte Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter

BD Insyte Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter

Proven to effectively reduce needlesticks BD Insyte Autoguard shielded IV catheters mean added safety for you. They’re the safety-engineered version of the popular BD Insyte IV catheter. The patented BD Autoguard push-button shielding technology is proven to effectively safeguard healthcare workers from accidental needlestick injuries. Clinicians have indicated that the BD Insyte Autogard Shielded IV catheter result in a marked and significant reduction in IV stylet-related injuries.

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PROTECTIV® Safety I.V. Catheter


  • Proven to reduce accidental needlesticks by 84%

  • Safely encases the needle—with a “click”—as the catheter is advanced

  • A push-off tab helps keep both hands behind the needle

  • Features optically clear yet radiopaque OCRILON® Polyurethane for longer indwelling and fewer complications

Product Features

  • Compatible with customary technique
  • Documented results proven to reduce accidental needlesticks
  • Universal color coded to indicate catheter gauge at a glance

PROTECTIV® Safety I.V. Catheter

The PROTECTIV® and PROTECTIV® PLUS Safety I. V. Catheters pioneered the movement to innovative safety design that protect the healthcare worker from the risks associated with accidental needlestick injuries.

For more than a decade, PROTECTIV® Safety I.V. Catheters have been the trusted choice of healthcare professionals. It's easy to see why. PROTECTIV® Safety I.V. Catheter offers distinct product safety features, with documented results that prove its success in reducing accidental needlesticks.

Most importantly, the choice of catheter materials, FEP polymer and radiopaque polyurethane, and needlepoint design of the PROTECTIV® Safety I.V. Catheter eases conversion to safety.

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ACUVANCE® Safety I.V. Catheter

Product Benefits

  • Minimal change in technique and no extra steps - simply insert, thread, remove the introducer, and the needle is blunt.

  • Passive safety technology with no user activation required

  • Control is in the hands of the clinician

  • Comfortable feel of a conventional catheter

  • Compact size and sleek profile allow for one- or two-handed insertions

  • Smooth, tapered hub for insertion ease and patient comfort

  • Available in a variety of lengths and gauges to accommodate procedural and patient needs.

  • Universal color codes to indicate catheter gauge at a glance

  • Unique, large-volume chamber allows fast, clear flashback and easy handling

  • Removable flash plug allows syringe attachment for special procedures

  • FLASH-VUE® feature on the 24 gauge is designed to enhance flashback visualization

ACUVANCE® Safety I.V. Catheter


Accidental needlesticks pose one of the greatest risks in healthcare today. Despite improved education and training, the use of engineering controls, such as safety I.V. catheters, afford the healthcare worker protection from accidental needlestics.

The ACUVANCE® Safety I.V. Catheter offers passive safety technology and the comfortable feel of a conventional catheter with a smooth, tapered hub for insertion ease and patient comfort. The unique, large-volume chamber allows clear flashback and easy handling, while the removable flash plug allows syringe attachment for special procedures. ACUVANCE® is available in a variety of catheter lengths, from 14- to 24-gauge sizes, and in FEP polymer or OCRILON® polyurethane biomaterials in straight and winged hubs.

When you choose ACUVANCE®, the only change is for your safety. ACUVANCE® uses passive safety technology to help reduce the incidence of accidental needlesticks.

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