Safety Pen Needle Remover

A Safer method to remove disposable pen needles.

Owen Mumford
UniGuard is the first single use, disposable safety pen needle remover.  It has been designed to protect the healthcare professional from potentially fatal needlestick injuries.
Safe: Allows the pen needle to be removed without the healthcare professional ever touching the needle directly.
Unique: ‘Push down’ entry to avoid point-first recapping incidents.
Secure: Safety flap to prevent back-end needlestick injuries and to prevent the removal of the used needle.
Shielded: Protective wings over finger grip area for extra protection.
Single Use: Protects against cross contamination by using a new device for each needle.
Clear Indicators: Audible click when the pen needle is seated correctly and when the hinged door is locked shut, signalling the needle is now securely locked away.
Extensive Protection: protects not only the nurse, but the patient, visitors and ancillary staff.