Safety Transfer Trays

The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard states that facilities should use proper work practices to help eliminate needlesticks and other sharps injuries.  A "No-hands" procedure or "neutral zone" helps to eliminate hand-to-hand instrument passing in the operating room.  One method of accomplishing this neutral zone is through the use of safety transfer trays.  A clinician will place a sharps instrument into the tray and the tray is passed or placed into a neutral zone rather than the sharps instrument being passed.


Sharps Passing Tray



Sharps Passing Tray

A lightweight, unique, purpose designed, single-use device that provides a secure 'hands free' transfer medium for passing sharp instruments, thus reducing the risk of third party inflicted sharps injuries

  • Central cavity design ensures all sharp instruments are safely shielded during the transfer from person to person

  • Versatile cavity accepts scalpels, needle holders, syringes and all sharp instruments (e.g. scissors, trocars etc)

  • Retrieval groove is sited centrally to ensure that all instruments are picked up safely, away from the sharp aspect

  • Two trays may be joined to allow safe, ‘hands free’ transfer of multiple instruments

  • International bio-hazardous waste colour identification

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Hands-Free Transfer Trays




Hands-Free Transfer Trays

Protect your staff from sharp injuries by establishing a neutral or safe zone within the sterile field where sharps and only sharps are placed one at a time for retrieval.

Z-Tray™ - Disposable tray provides for "hands-free" transfer of sharps. Stretch-A-Tray™ Extendable Hands Free Transfer Tray For Those Longer Scalpel Handles and Instruments.

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