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There is a need for in-room sharps disposal containers in addition to large volume area sharps disposal containers and mobile, on-site containers.   Sharps disposal containers should be available in every procedural room in a hospital, clinic and physician office. 

SharpStar In-Room Containers
Where do you put your needles after use?

Where should needles and other sharps be placed following  in-room procedures?


Every Procedural Room should have a sharps safety disposal container!


SharpStar® In-Room Containers


The SharpStar container is the only sharps disposal container awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the Alliance of Children's Hospitals, Inc. Seal of Approval The SharpStar system is ideal for pediatric, geriatric, or high-risk areas.  The SharpStar containers minimize the potential for overfilling by stopping in the "Full" position when the containers reach maximum capacity.  This also allows ease of monitoring fill levels and assisting in the routine change-our of in-room containers.  The unique SharpStar lid design limits accidental or intentional access to the container contents.  These containers are offered in multiple sizes from 5 quarts to 4 gallons to accommodate the increasing volume and size of safety-engineered sharps devices used today.  Kendall continues to offer a complete line of Monoject, Devon, and SharpSafety disposal containers.
SharpsStar 4 gallon Front Loading

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Bemis Sharps Containers
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Sharps Containers

At Bemis, the first priority in sharps container development is safety--safety for your patients and your staff. All units are designed for safe use, effectively blocking hand access from discarded sharps. Units snap together, permanently locking with tight seams between the bases and covers. Walls are puncture-resistant too, meeting or exceeding ASTM standards.

Bemis Large Capacity Sharps and Chemotherapy Containers are available in eight- and eleven-gallon capacity.

Designed for high volume use in pharmacy, OR, lab, dialysis, ER and X-ray, these containers provide convenient, safe disposal of a variety of sharps, infectious waste and chemotherapy waste.

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SharpSentinel™ Wall Cabinet System

The SharpSentinel™ sharps containers used in the cabinets feature a rotating cylinder top that provides hands free disposal of used sharps.  Horizontal drop feature maximizes container volume.  Available in translucent beige and red, these containers meet or exceed current ASTM standards for wall thickness.  

SharpSentinel™ Wall Cabinet System

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The SharpSentinel™ Wall Cabinet System secure sharps containers in a sturdy locked enclosure. SharpSentinel™ wall cabinets are perfect for use in patient rooms, exam rooms, physician and dentist offices, and any other areas where staff supervision is limited. Designed to protect staff from accidental needlesticks, this new system complies with all OSHA, NIOSH, CDC, and JCAHO requirements.

Available in 3 Gallon and 5 Quart sizes, Bemis’s new cabinets provide a more modern look than traditional cabinets. The neutral color blends with any décor and the tinted door obscures contents, yet allows easy visibility of fill level. An inside warning label alerts staff to possible danger and also provides reorder numbers for replacement containers.  These cabinets are made of tough ABS plastic so they’re durable, easy to clean, and stain resistant.  All cabinets, regardless of size, are keyed alike for added convenience. An optional glove box holder that snaps onto the bottom of the container keeps gloves readily available.

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