Sharps Disposal Containers for Large Volume Areas

Containers to place needles and other sharps into as mandated by law.  Large products such as endoscopic instruments need a safe place for disposal.  
Bemis Sharps Containers

Designed for high–volume use in operating rooms, pharmacies, laboratories, emergency rooms, dialysis rooms, and other areas. Rolling carts available for convenient mobility and transport.

  • Compact design uses a minimum of floor space.

  • Large opening lids accommodate a variety of sharps.

  • Lids provide temporary and final closure.

  • Nestable to save space and reduce shipping costs.

  • Molded–in handles for easy lifting and transport.

  • Available with gasket lids/absorbent pads for leak resistance.

  • Multilingual labeling ensures user safety.


Large Volume Sharps Containers

Bemis Health Care™





8-Gallon Sharps Container

108 030 Red

108 040 Yellow

  • Separate round opening accepts small items

  • Hinged lid accommodates large items

  • Dimensions: 15 7/8" H x 16 1/2" L x 11 13/16" W

  • 10/case

  • Uses cart #430 for mobility

Bemis Health Care™





11-Gallon Sharps Container

111 030 Red

111 040 Yellow

  • Separate round opening accepts small items

  • Hinged lid accommodates large items

  • Dimensions: 22 1/2" H x 16 1/2" L x 11 13/16" W

  • 6/case

  • Uses cart #430 for mobility

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Large Volume SharpsCart Floor Brackets

Where do you put trocars, endoscopic instruments when you are through with them?  Where do you put your used trochars and other endoscopic intstruments?

Large volume SharpsCart floor brackets are an ideal place for these large contaminated sharps.

The locking mechanism prevents unwanted access to the container contents and reduces exposure to the environment.  Telescopic handles and locking casters make it easy to transport the containers to and from the worksite.


Large Volume SharpsCart Floor Brackets


Designed for high volume areas, these containers and carts can easily accommodate large sharps, needle counters, trocars, endoscopic instruments, etc.  Two different lid styles allow for temporary closure when not in use and one handed disposal by activating the foot pedal. 

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The large volume SharpsCart floor brackets fit 8, 12, and 18 gallon hinged lid and slide top containers adapting to different volumes and uses throughout a healthcare facility.

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