Sharps Retrieval Systems

Custodial staff, technicians, and others are at risk when picking up sharps that fall to the floor.  Safety retrieval systems help to pick up the sharps rather than just picking them up by hand. 

Allen Needle Triever

Safety Features and Benefits:

Sharps can be safely removed from the floor for risk free disposal.

A re-useable device for the quick, simple and safe retrieval of sharps that have been inadvertently dropped onto the operating theatre floor.

  • Ensures safe, ‘hands free’ sharps retrieval

  • Robust design ensures a highly cost effective, long lasting device

  • Long handle enables retrieval while standing


Allen Needle Triever

Help protect your staff from sharps injuries with the Allen Needle Triever. This suture needle retrieval system has a large magnetic surface to easily pick up any ferrous needles and sharps as small as .15 mm (.006") diameter.

Our unique design allows this magnetic sweeper to reach under the surgical table and other hard-to-reach places. The lightweight aluminum is easy to use, clean and store. The long handle, more than 3 feet, means you don’t need to bend over to find lost sharps.


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