Traditional labeling methods involve handwriting on the syringe, sticky labels on syringe etc.  There are safer ways of labeling the contents of a syringe


Qlicksmart CheckCLIP


Qlicksmart CheckCLIP


Qlicksmart CheckCLIP is a simply safer way to label syringes with the name of the medication that has been drawn up always visible. Traditional labeling techniques that involve handwriting on the syringe, attaching the ampoule with surgical tape or labelling with stickers are all prone to medication errors. Tape and stickers obscure incremental marks on the syringe and handwriting is time-consuming and open to transcription error. As a result, virtually every practitioner experiences a ‘near miss’ or worse at some stage in their chaotic work environment. Qlicksmart CheckCLIP significantly reduces the risk of morbidity and mortality caused by medication errors.



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