Technologies for Sale or License

ISIPS has created this section to provide a clearinghouse for new safety technologies. The technologies listed in this section represent licensing and collaboration opportunities for interested parties. Non-confidential information is used to describe each technology.   If interested in licensing or purchasing any of the safety technologies presented here, or to offer additional safety technologies for sale, please register by clicking on the appropriate button below.
Starr Systems, LLC is dedicated to the safety of both patient and health care providers. We are introducing our Disposable Ampoule Breaker.
This unique tool fully encapsulates the tip of a glass ampoule as it is being opened. This encapsulation protects the health care provider from lacerations while saving money by preventing the loss of pharmaceutical product and health care provider downtime. For more information on this unique product call 620-242-2377 or email
This product is available for sale by clinicians and the technology is available for acquisition by a company.