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About us

Unitract® Safety Syringes

Introducing the world’s first and only known safety syringes with passive, operator controlled needle retraction features that are fully integrated within the barrel.

Unitract® 1mL syringes are designed to deliver optimal safety and functionality during the delivery of injectable medication. Key features and benefits of Unitract® 1mL syringes include:

  • Passive activation of the needle retraction mechanism to virtually eliminate the risk of needlestick injury

  • Operators may control the speed of needle retraction directly from the body into the barrel to minimize aerosol (splatter) risk

  • Offers intuitive use by either healthcare workers or patients that self-administer prescription medication outside of the healthcare setting

  • Extra wide flanges (wings) provide for easy handling during all stages of the injection process, with hands remaining behind the needle at all times

  • All safety features are fully integrated within the barrel for compact handling and convenient disposal

Unitract® 1mL syringes are a proprietary product of Unilife Corporation, a NASDAQ listed U.S based business that is ISO 13485 certified and has a FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania.