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Reducing Needlestick Injuries
We believe that a significant number of needlesticks and other sharps injuries can be reduced each year. ISIPS promotes safety-engineered products and services.

In addition, ISIPS takes the most current information available and disseminates it to healthcare workers, infection control managers, and other interested parties. The ISIPS newsletters are issued weekly with information concerning sharps injury news, emerging sharps prevention products and technologies, and the regulatory and legislative environment surrounding sharps injuries.


  • Promote sharps injury prevention using a variety of methods including: ISIPS web site, ISIPS Newsletter, press releases, articles in medical journals, etc.
  • Communicate to the media, web sites and other outlets about the importance of sharps injury prevention and the safety benefits of Society members’ products and services.
  • Recruits new members and other supporting organizations that strengthen the Society.
  • Highlight innovations in medical technologies that reduces needlestick and other sharps injuries.
  • Focus on the dissemination of information concerning sharps injury news, regulatory and legislative environments that impact health care workers, hepatitis, HIV, and other infection control issues.