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International Sharps
Injury Prevention Society

Saving One Healthcare Worker At a Time

The International Sharps Injury Prevention Society, ISIPS, was formed to reduce the number of accidental needlestick and other sharps injuries that occur globally by promoting the use of safety-engineered products and services.



It has been estimated that one out of every seven healthcare workers is accidentally stuck by a contaminated sharp each and every year.  There are safety products that can recuce and minimize  these sharps injuries.

Scalpel Injuries​

The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that approximately 385,000 sharps injuries occur each year to hospital employees. More than half of these sharps injuries are not reported.   Many of these injuries are due to scalpel injuries that afflict surgeons, nurses and other OR personnel exposing them to bloodborne pathogens.

Safety Products

Safety Medical Products can help clinicians reduce sharps injuries and bloodborne pathogen exposures.  This safety product list shows scores of safety products.  Are you aware of other safety products that should be included in this list?  Please send an email to

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