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ISIPS, the International Sharps Injury Prevention Society, reduces the number of accidental sharps injuries that occur globally through the promotion of safety-engineered products. We are an international group comprised of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, health organizations, healthcare professionals, medical waste disposal experts, hospitals, insurance industry, managed care organizations, alternate site providers, correction officials, law enforcement personnel and others that have joined forces to provide education, information, and product knowledge that will help reduce the number of sharps injuries that occur each year.

ISIPS promotes safety services and products that can reduce or eliminate needlestick and other sharps injuries.

We frequently conduct and promote a variety of activities that promote sharps safety. These activities include:

  • Annual International Sharps Injury Prevention Awareness Month held in December of each year.
  • Participation in seminars that provide outreach programs to state hospital associations, local APIC chapters, and large hospital systems.
  • Provide presentations at national and international safety conferences.
  • Provide articles for a number of infection control and clinician-focused medical journals.
  • Provide online educational programs on a variety of sharps safety and bloodborne pathogen exposure prevention topics.