Kinamed Incorporated


820 Flynn Road
Camarillo, CA 93012-8701


(805) 384-2748 or Toll-Free: (800) 827-5775


(805) 384-2792



About the company

Established in 1987, Kinamed designs and manufactures implantables and instruments for orthopedics and neurosurgery, including the patented SuperCable Iso-Elastic Cerclage System - a revolutionary polymer-based cerclage system designed to solve many of the inherent problems of traditional monofilament wire and cabling systems. Benefits and Features of the system include:

  • No sharp cable ends to cut surgeon’s gloves.

  • No sharp cable ends to irritate patient tissue.

  • Fatigue strength superior to both wire and cables thereby reducing complications due to breakage.

  • Cables are easy and quick to manipulate within the wound.

  • No metal cable contacting metallic implants.

  • The elimination of cable-generated metal particle debris that have been shown to greatly increase wear in adjacent total joints.

  • Provides long-term dynamic compressive loading across bone fragments to offer the possibility for better healing and increased construct strength.

  • Cables can be easily retightened to adjust cable tension, especially when multiple cables are applied, both saving time and reducing the number of cables required.

  • Simple instrumentation allows for precise tightening and locking of cables as well as sequential retensioning of previously placed cables.

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