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Surgical Instrument Transfer

Surgical Instrument Transfer

Products that make the transfer of surgical instruments safer.

Sharps Safety Station Needle Counter Box

AMI presents the innovative Sharps Safety Station needle counter box. This box has the following safety features:

  • Three Safety Hinges that can be unhinged easily without breaking should you wish to separate the boxes to use as a neutral zone (half on mayo tray and half on back table) or as a temporary sharps container.
  • Auto-Lock snaps that easily close and reopens for recount if necessary.
  • Overlapping walls that keep sharps securely in the box.
  • User friendly one-handed scalpel blade remover.
  • Two spaces for safely holding scalpels.
  • Built-in syringe holder with one-handed operation of the needle recapping and one handed for exchanging needles.
  • Protects and enhances a safer working environment.
  • Our products meet and exceed OSHA, CDC, JCAHO and AORN standards. We suggest that you comply with current OSHA laws pertaining to Sharps Safety in Surgery by using our sharps safety products to avoid being cited by for repeated sharps safety violations.
  • All size boxes available with magnetic, foam block, foam strip, and adhesive surfaces.
  • Available individually packed sterile or through your kit and tray assembler.

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