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Advanced Medical Innovations

Advanced Medical InnovationsAMI develops, manufactures and distributes products for all facets of the Healthcare industry. It markets its products worldwide through its own label or through one of its joint venture companies with which it has established marketing arrangements. AMI focuses on cost saving products and services that provide enhanced safety and ergonomic designs to its customers. It focuses on surgical products and gynecological instrumentation.

We have spent the last 20 years plus dealing with problems and solutions in the ever-changing Healthcare Industry.

All the products and services we are involved with are providing a better and safer environment for Health Care practitioners as well as enhanced and more user-friendly products for patients around the world.

Although we emphasize sharps safety, we also provide other safety and innovative products for our practitioners and our patients.

Innovation – The unique and innovative features on our products were designed specifically with practitioners and patients in mind to advance the reduction of needle-stick injuries. Many of our products were designed with the collaboration of healthcare practitioners and many of our products now have Patents and/or are Patent Pending.

Cost Effectiveness – Next to reducing needle-stick injuries our second most important goal was to offer quality products that are affordable. Many products offered have additional safety features at no additional cost to our customers.

Ergonomics – All products were designed to be ergonomic to help prevent unnecessary injuries from daily work activities. These offerings include products such as our Retractable Safety Scalpel, Sharps Safety Station™ needle counter box, Neutray™–Sharps Passing Tray and Saf-T-Pole™ Irrigation Tower product line to name a few.

Challenges – We challenge our healthcare practitioners to solve recurring problems in their healthcare setting by calling us to start to work together on the next solution to an existing problem. We compensate the practitioners for the products that are developed from a problem that they brought to our attention.


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