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Numedico Technologies

A new, active, high quality needle with a retraction mechanism to prevent reuse and with a tilted needle innovation to encapsulate the needle in the syringe barrel, thus preventing needlestick injury and syringe reuse.

The ClickZip™ technology provides valuable protection for the health worker, their patients and others in the community and prevents the spread of disease, infection and blood-borne pathogens. The wide spread use of this technology is concerned with safety in the community and its long term health.

Its high quality needle strives to provide increased patient comfort.

Ideal and safe for many applications including: large-scale immunisation programmes; hospitals; and medical clinic applications.


Numedico Technologies Pty Ltd
PO Box 150
Fullarton SA 5063 Australia

Australia 1800 CLICKZIP (254 259)
Ms. Wirawan Suttaharutai

+66 860 018 160