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Qlicksmart Pty Ltd

“There has to be a better way” This statement addressed by a scrub nurse was the catalyst to the Invention of the Qlicksmart, the World’s first single-handed scalpel blade removal system.
Recent emphasis on Sharps Safety practices required by Regulatory bodies & legislation calls for changes to the way we operate. Scalpel blade injuries are in the top 5 most common types of sharps injury and second only to needlestick.
Qlicksmart has developed a revolutionary sharps safety device that fully Complies to safety standard regulations and legislation. It allows safe, continued use of traditional scalpel handles.
The Qlicksmart is safe, quick and easy to use. It is reliable and when used with the universal bracket, it offers single-handed scalpel blade removal – keeping hands out of harms way.
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PO Box 5677
West End
Brisbane Qld 4101

+61 7 3844 1182

+61 7 3844 1183