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The Center for Phlebotomy Education, Inc.

The Center for Phlebotomy Education, Inc. was established in 1998 to provide educational resources to all healthcare personnel who perform, teach and manage blood specimen collection procedures.

It is our mission to be the world’s most dependable source of accurate information on blood specimen collection procedures and to share that information through educational products and services with emphasis on protecting healthcare workers and their patients from injury while obtaining high quality specimens for laboratory testing

Products and Services

  • customized in-services at your healthcare facility or academic institution on needlestick safety and other technical issues pertaining to specimen collection;
  • presentations at state, national and international meetings of healthcare organizations and associations on needlestick prevention and other technical specimen collection issues;
  • advancing legislation establishing minimum training standards for specimen collection personnel;
  • printed and electronic educational material on exposure prevention and other technical topics
    • To the Pointâ„¢ articles for download;
    • Phlebotomy for Nurses and Nursing Personnel—the first phlebotomy handbook written just for the nursing profession.
    • Phlebotomy Today—an e-newsletter covering industry trends, phlebotomy tips (attractively designed to be printed and posted monthly!) and late-breaking news and safety/legislative/regulatory events.
    • The Ten Commandments or Phlebotomy poster, currently on display in hundreds of hospitals around the world; (First Commandment: Thou Shalt Protect Thyself From Injury.)
    • The Blood Collection Sites wall atlas, with detailed illustrations on the anatomy of the antecubital area and other blood collection sites.
    • The Applied Phlebotomy video series the most current specimen collection tapes on the market and the only tapes that reflect current OSHA guidelines and CLSI standards.
      products that recognize phlebotomists as essential members of the healthcare team;


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