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Blood Culture Procedural Trays

Rather than gathering various components to perform a blood culture, Blood Culture Procedural Trays are available that contain sharps safety and blood exposure prevention products.

BACTEC Blood Culture Procedural Trays minimize needle-stick potential and reduce inventory and supply costs by providing a capitated kit cost for blood culture testing. BACTEC Blood Culture Procedure Trays also reduce the chances of contaminating a blood cultures by providing all the necessary components to safely draw blood for culture in a convenient tray format. The trays standardize procedures hospital-wide and increase compliance with physician requests. Blood Collection Sets draw directly in BACTEC bottles A capitated supply cost that captures the cost of ancillary products to reduce SKUs associated with blood collection. Time-savings that increase labor efficiency, reducing redraws and improved compliance

Reduce the spread of nosocomial infection with the Procedural Trays’ disposable gloves, tourniquets and adhesive bandages. Studies report that nosocomial infection cost hospitals an estimated $40,000 per incident.

(1). In addition, preventing needlestick injuries, which can save hospitals an average of $3,000 per incident

(2),is achieved with the Procedural Trays’ elimination of needles and syringes. And reduction in contaminated blood cultures can save hospitals $5,000 per contaminants.

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