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Blood Splash Protection

OSHA has recommended that healthcare workers protect themselves from biohazardous splashes, aerosols, and sprays. One method of doing this is by using transparent shields that can limit bloodborne pathogen exposures
FACE-IT shields provide OSHA level protection against splash of bodily fluids to the face for the medical, dental and emergency medical healthcare workers. Non-medical shield uses are for non-impact protection such as keeping paint, dust, dirt and oil off your face and eye glasses. FACE-IT has a patented flat viewing area and a comfortable foam barrier which molds to the forehead for extra protection.
The FACE-IT™ Face Shields: Meet OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Regulations Provide Flat Viewing Area Minimizes Glare and Distortion Crystal Clear Plastic Anti-Fog Coating Comfortable Foam Headpiece Provides Eye Protection LOW COST 1-800-333-5773