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Safety Product Category

Bodily Fluid Absorbent Pad

Bodily fluid absorbent pads help hospital personnel to better manage potentially biohazardous fluids and irrigation solutions encountered in the operating room environment. They can soak up and trap many liters of blood and fluids.

Ansell Medical

DriFloor™ Absorbent Pad

The DriFloor™ Absorbent Pad is easy to use, and will absorb and contain up to 100% more fluids than similar products. You can use it on the Operating Room floor, under the scrub sink or wherever fluids collect.

Stop using blankets and towels for spillage clean-up, you will not only save on laundering costs, but remove the potential for cross-contamination.

The fluid-proof, non-slip backing keeps the floor dry underneath the pad, reduces time and improves the efficiency of cleanup, reduces turnover time and protects healthcare workers from slips and falls.

Absorbs approximately 3 liters of fluid and weighs about 8 lbs., fully saturated.

Available in two sizes of pre-cut pad or roll that can be cut to desired lengths.