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Safety Product Category

Catheter Securement Devices

Catheter securement products can replace traditional taping, suturing, and the use of other awkward devices. Following the introduction of a catheter, the securement device is applied and attached to the catheter thus preventing migration of the catheter.

Safe anchoring of catheters

Drain-Guard is an anchoring device for percutaneous catheters and tubes that are protruding from the patient’s skin in an angle approximately perpendicular to the patient’s skin surface. The device consists of a skin-side surface with a super skin friendly adhesive combined with a specially designed foam block that safely anchors catheters from 5 to 16 French. In addition catheters are prevented from being expelled by the body and the secure anchoring of the catheter also prevents catheter movements from enlarging the catheter exit site. This is why less leakage is experienced. The soft foam support block prevents kinking of the catheter, even if the patient should lie on it. A transparent hydrocolloid cover allows continuous monitoring of the puncture site and provides an efficient protection against contamination.

For the sake of the patient

With Drain-Guard, the uncomfortable suturing of the catheter is substituted by the soft and pliable adhesive carrier offering substantially improved comfort to the patient. Because the hydrocolloid has been carefully tested for skin irritation, the risk of allergic reactions is minimal, even if a number of Drain-Guard devices are used consecutively on the same site over many weeks.
Finally, because it is easy to dress over the Drain-Guard and because the patient trusts the anchoring device, he/she will feel a greater freedom to move around without worrying about the catheter.

Easy to use

The Drain-Guard catheter anchoring device is easy to apply to the patient’s skin and changing of the device may even be carried out by a family member.