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Dissolvable Contaminated Linen Bags

When blood contaminated linens need to be laundered – how do you avoid contamination if you have to reach into a bag to remove the linens? There are bags that the contaminated linens can be inserted into that will dissolve during the laundry cycle.

IsoWash Linen Recovery System

The IsoWash Linen Recovery System provides a safe and compliant method to handle linens contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, and other biohazards. Contaminated linens are isolated from human contact by being placed in the IsoWash water-soluble bag. The bag is transparent and marked with a biohazard warning—ensuring staff will handle it accordingly.

The isolated linens are then placed in industrial laundry equipment for recovery. Once the wash cycle begins, the bag dissolves within two minutes, allowing chemicals in the wash to safely clean the contaminated laundry while minimizing human exposure.