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Operating Room Sharps Safety

The Bloodborne pathogen standard only permits recapping of contaminated needles under very specific and limited circumstances where no alternative is feasible, or that such action is required by a specific medical procedure, such as with incremental doses of medication or the injection of radioactive materials. When recapping must be performed, it must be accomplished by the use of a mechanical device or one-handed technique. Training must emphasize the need to use this as a one-handed recapping device.

ETHIGUARD* Blunt Point Needles

Protect yourself and your patients—without compromising performance

Better protection from needlestick injuries
ETHIGUARD Blunt Point Needle is an innovative solution that helps protect you and your patients from needlestick injuries, providing you with a better needle option.

A solution to a costly problem

  • Over 384,000 healthcare workers in the US suffer needlestick injuries each year, putting them at risk for hepatitis, HIV, and other serious diseases
  • The annual cost of needlestick injuries to hospitals is approximately$258 million — The follow-up costs for high-risk exposure needlestick injury is almost $3,000 even if no infection occurs
  • A 2007 New England Journal of Medicine study report found that99% of surgical residents had at least one needlestick injury by their final year of training—53% involving high-risk patients
  • Four prospective randomized trials have demonstrated notable benefits from use of blunt suture needles
  • ETHIGUARD Blunt Point Needles and conventional taper point needles both have a 12:1 taper ratio

Choose protection without compromising performance
Decrease the incidence of injury

  • Blunt-point geometry allows for easy soft-tissue penetration

Minimize bleeding and tissue trauma

  • ETHIGUARD Blunt Point Needle does not cause any more additional bleeding or patient trauma than a conventional taper needle7
  • Its heat-treated, stainless steel alloy delivers optimal strength and ductility to resist bending and breaking

Use with ease

  • ETHIGUARD Blunt Point Needle is proven to be effective and user-friendly7

Increase precision

  • A ribbed and flattened body affords stability in the needle holder, for improved protection against slipping

“Though cost is often cited as a factor for not using safer devices, it is actually a savings when you consider the cost of treating the individual once a [needlestick] injury occurs.”

NeedleVISE® sharps securing system


Before starting the procedure, place the procedure tray on a flat, stable surface within the sterile field and make sure that the NeedleVISE® sharps securing system is securely mounted in an upright position within the tray.

Immediately following use of a needle and while still being held with one hand away from the sharp end, firmly insert the sharp end using a rotating motion into the NeedleVISE® until the needle is secure. Make sure to KEEP YOUR FREE HAND AWAY FROM THE NEEDLEVISE® SHARPS SECURING SYSTEM DURING INSERTION. This action will lock the needle firmly into the NeedleVISE® device. In some instances,
an uncontaminated needle, once captured within the NeedleVISE® sharps securing system, may have the of a new needle onto the syringe for use on the same patient.

Once the procedure is completed, the NeedleVISE® sharps securing system with secured sharps should be removed from the procedure tray and placed in a sharps container.

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