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Plastic Evacuated blood collection tubes

Using an evacuated blood collection system to draw blood has many advantages. These include a constant high quality of samples, analysis results, and minimized risk of infection for staff responsible for collecting and processing blood samples. Plastic evacuated blood collection tubes are much safer than traditional glass vessels. Glass containers had been exclusively used in the past because it was impossible to preserve vacuum for long periods of time in other materials. Plastic evacuated blood collection tubes are as clear as glass but are unbreakable. This protects the phlebotomist, laboratory workers, and other healthcare workers.

VACUETTE® Blood Collection Tubes
The advantages of using an evacuated blood collection system made out of plastic has been well known for a long time. It is of the greatest importance to produce high quality samples and analysis results, along with minimized risk of infection to staff. Greiner Bio-One can offer a complete range of evacuated blood collection tubes made out of virtually unbreakable PET-plastic. All of them are equipped with a unique safety cap, which also offers maximum security to healthcare workers. Coagulation is a critical testing area proving to be a challenge to some manufacturers. Not for us at Greiner. The innovative “Sandwich Tube” for coagulation tests consists of two parts. An inner and an outer tube. The outer tube is manufactured from PET and ensures that the vacuum is preserved for a long time. The inner tube made out of polypropylene keeps the volume of the additive constant. Thanks to the double walls, the VACUETTE “Sandwich tube” has a long shelf life, even without additional packaging.