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Safety Pen Needle

Safety Pen Needle

Pen needles are needles that are attached to a prefilled pen so that you can inject medication, such as insulin, from a pen-like device.   Unlike standard pen needles, where both the outer and inner covers need to be removed, the safety pen needle design ensures that you won’t accidentally poke yourself with a needle.  It also protects others from an accidental needlestick. 

DropSafe has a unique and proprietary built-in sharps injury prevention feature (SIPF). DropSafe was specifically designed to minimize the risk from accidental needlesticks by application of the sharps injury prevention feature.

  • The viewing window enables the user to check if the needle is visible.
  • The shield serves to hide the needle from the patient, both before and after the injection.
  • After use, the needle is automatically locked out (passive mechanism), confirmed by a red lock-out indicator.
What do I need to know about injection technique with DropSafe safety pen needles?

Guidelines suggest refreshing injection technique annually.

  1. Secure the safety pen needle to the pen and prime the pen.
  2. Alternate injection sites to prevent lipohypertrophy and ensure the patient receives the benefit of the full dose.
  3. Firmly inject at a 90° angle or perpendicular to the skin.
  4. Ensure to hold for a full 10 seconds to inject the full dose and prevent medication leakage. Begin the count after the pen has been fully depressed.
  5. The instant the dose is delivered, remove the SPN off the pen injector and discard into a sharps container.
  6. Your great technique has benefitted your patient therapeutically and experientially, while securing your safety.

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